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A pioneering opportunity for payment transactions has arrived! More and more, the world is in the process of digitization. There are self-driving cars, robots who are replacing jobs and even entire departments. You don’t need to cook any more, if you just can order your food online as you can have your shopping tour online. But how will retailers and gastronomy’s be able to survive in the future? 

If you observed,  you probably will have noticed that the digitization has changed many things, and so did payment transactions. A few years back it was a common thing to pay with a check book, until EC- and credit cards started taking over. Nowadays there are several ways to make a payment. But if we’re completely honest, we kind of must admit that many of these options are still rather complicated. If you’re thinking about what is possible these days there should be a way to manage your transactions in real time while being in a shop or a gastronomy, or not?

Now it finally has arrived!

You have certainty heard that you’re able to do online payments with Bitcoin & Co because big companies like Lieferando, Amazon, AT&T and many more decided to accept this new payment method. But now you’re able to accept Bitcoin & Co in your store or restaurant. That way you are also preparing your business for the future. And you can do this easily with the C-Novation Pay App. This gives you advantages over your competitors and increases your turnover.

Your advantages at C-Novation are:

- Engage a new customer group.

- Receive your payment instantly in real time!

-Lower transaction fees, save money!

- International transactions without currency exchange. Fast and in real time, because coin is coin around the globe!

-Accept crypto and optionally receive €, so you can exclude exchange rate risks!

-No reverse or incorrect bookings possible


C-Novation also provides you with very special services:

- Support during registration and creation of a Crypto Wallet, if you wish.

- Various marketing strategies

- Stickers, displays, and flyers with "We accept crypto" are available.

- Software extensions for your POS system.

- Presentation in the Shop-finder.

-And much more!

So, you see paying with coins is faster, easier, more efficient and it is becoming more and more common as more people buy and use Crypto currencies. When will you equip your business for the future?

Register now on the Internet at the C-Novation Pay website and download the app to enjoy these benefits and the service, in addition you are prepared for the future.


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