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Hassle-free payment systems for your taxi business

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Taxi payment processing solutions

Whether you work as a black cab driver, private hire driver or have a taxi fleet, your business relies on a simple and secure payment solution.

With a myPOS taxi card machine, you can enjoy instant funds settlement while accepting contactless, chip and PIN and magstripe payments on the go.

Why equip a cab with a card reader?

A card reader helps you accept card payments from the growing number of passengers who prefer not to use cash. You can also accept contactless payments for your taxi from mobile wallets such as Google Pay and Apple Pay, as well as NFC-enabled wearables.

With transparent pricing and fees, the myPOS payment terminal will help you stay ahead of the competition:

  • Multi-operator mode Do you work alone or are your taxis used by several employees? If the latter is the case, you might want to keep track of their individual performance using the Multi-Operator mode. It allows each of your taxi drivers to "log in" to the credit card machine using their unique code. Use your free myPOS account to track how much revenue each driver is making in real-time, regardless of their vehicle and terminal.
  • Tipping feature With the taxi card reader from myPOS, getting tips is easy with the Tipping function. Once the customer enters the tip amount and confirms it, it appears on the printed or digital receipt. You can also see the total amount of tips received so you can better manage your revenue.
  • Receipts You can quickly print a receipt or send a digital receipt for each card transaction, with the electronic copy saved in your system. Paper and digital receipts are a must when dealing with taxi passengers on business trips who need to be reimbursed.
  • Instant settlement After a payment is completed on the POS terminal, your funds are immediately available for cash withdrawals, card or online payments. This is all possible via the free Mastercard business card.

Accept payments in your taxi with all major card issuers - anytime, anywhere

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Which card machines are best suited for private hire and taxi firms?

As a taxi driver, you often go on long journeys and deal with heavy traffic. Why not make your day and your customers' day easier by investing in a new companion for your payment acceptance needs?

In this regard, it is important to choose the POS terminal that will suit your business best.

Portable & compact

When it comes to cabs, comfort is everything, and not just for customers, but for drivers too. Make your job hassle-free by getting a small, portable and lightweight card reader. While many devices are designed with portability in mind, what embodies this principle best so far is myPOS Go.

It is fast and compact and fits perfectly into small spaces, such as the glove compartment of your vehicle.

Smart and innovative

Many passengers are looking for the convenience of travel services and need to provide proof of their spending. The myPOS Pro smart terminal can help with this. Print receipts, accept different payment methods and use taxi apps through the AppMarket to make the journey seamless.

You can even add personalised promotional messages or your brand logo on the receipt.

An affordable alternative

And if you're looking for a more affordable alternative, you can use your Android smartphone as a taxi card payment machine via the myPOS Glass app. This innovative solution allows you to accept contactless payments from cards, mobile wallets and via QR codes.

All that comes with a free mobile application

Control your business through the online merchant account

Enjoy better control over your myPOS account and operations directly from the myPOS app:

  • Manage your finances on the go
  • Monitor your balances
  • Access your funds 24/7
  • Analyse your transactions activity
  • Access real-time data and sales history
  • Check your upcoming or received payments

Manage your devices and business cards

Your payment terminals and business cards can be easily managed from the myPOS app.

  • Freeze or unfreeze your business card within seconds
  • Set limit spend per transaction
  • Activate the brand new card reader for your taxi
  • Enable push notifications for all or selected transactions