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5 ways to protect and grow your business in a crisis with myPOS

With the COVID-19 pandemic, many business owners are wondering how to protect and grow their business during a crisis. Research indicates that we’re headed towards a recession and it is in these times that businesses need to be innovative in order to continue on their growth trajectory.

If you’re looking for ways to grow your business in uncertain times, we’ve got you covered!

1. Accept payments with myPOS PayLink or Payment Request

Accept payments seamlessly with myPOS PayLinks and myPOS Payment Requests. All you need to do is generate a payment link and send it through email, SMS, Viber, Messenger etc. There’s absolutely no need for you to have a website!

Let’s take a closer look at these two online payment solutions:

You can generate PayLinks from your myPOS account. You can add a description of the item being sold, the currency, and the expiry date of the link. Then easily send it to your customers via social media, email, or SMS. PayLinks are often used for multiple payments at the same amount. It’s that easy. 

A Payment Request, on the other hand, is similar to a PayLink, but it’s a personalised payment link, used for single payments. It allows you to request money from your customers around the world. With this online payment acceptance service, you can send a Payment Request to your customers by email, SMS from your myPOS account, the myPOS app or directly from your card payment machine. You can also get detailed reports on your Payment Requests, especially information such as whether your customer has viewed the request and how often a payment attempt was made. 

2. Payment solutions for online shops and websites: PayButtons and Checkout Plugins

Here at myPOS, we’ll help you get started with ecommerce for free! Simply choose whether you’d like to use a myPOS PayButton on your website or select the right Checkout Plugins for the most popular shopping cart software! Both solutions are perfect for small online shops and websites!

Simply use PayButtons in your customers’ checkout experience. You’ve all seen the ‘Buy Now’ buttons, right? This is exactly what it is! It takes you to a secure page where payments can be made. Just set the amount, choose the size of the button, and decide on which details you’d like to collect from your customers. After that, simply copy the generated HTML code and paste it in your website editor. Customers are then taken to a secure payment gateway to fill in their card details and finalise the payment and checkout quickly, conveniently, and securely without the need for complicated integrations.

Meanwhile, the myPOS Shopping Cart Plugins are available for some of the most popular ecommerce platforms out there including – WooCommerce, Magento, Magento2, OpenCart, X-Cart, PrestaShop, osCommerce, Zen Cart and CloudCart. All the integrational work has been done by us to make running your business easy! A simple and secure payment solution!

3. Pocket-sized payment terminals from as little as 29 EUR

You’re running a home delivery or mobile business? Choose a pocket-sized myPOS terminal that starts from as low as 29 EUR! You can start accepting payments right away with the portable card reader! The best part is that you will receive your money in seconds 24/7. What’s more is the free merchant account with an IBAN which you get, as well as a free Business Debit Card. The perks are endless!

4. Accept contactless payments

Prepare to accept contactless payments with a POS device that does not require physical contact! They’re contactless, Smart, and can be disinfected in a jiffy! This means you can keep both you, your staff, and your customers safe from infection. In addition to the fact that you can send digital receipts with the myPOS Smart terminals, you’ll also be able to accept a variety of payments to suit your business needs!

5. Get paid online with myPOS Invoicing

Create and issue invoices and get paid online with myPOS Invoicing!

Available for desktop users, invoicing offers a seamless and effort-free collection of payments, access to your funds straight away, and better payment experience for your customers. Send invoices to your customers from the comfort of your home by streamlining your cashflow operations from the same platform!

You can now choose between a free and a subscription plan, depending on the number of customers you need to issue invoices to. Some of the great reasons to try Invoicing now are tailor-made invoices with an instant settlement of funds, invoice tracking, comprehensive reporting, and set your due dates to get paid!

Keep your business sustainable during a crisis

We’re here to help you keep your business sustainable during troubled times! Rely on myPOS to help you accept seamless payments online or through your card payment machine. You can still help your business carry out its activities as we deal with the pandemic together!

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