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Fintechs myPOS and Alcinéo Join Hands to Offer SMEs a New Way to Accept Payments via Smartphone

At present, payment technologies are developing with such speed that users are hardly managing to keep pace with them. Not only are consumers’ needs gauged and matched in real time, but oftentimes they are even anticipated. Such is the case with the recent SoftPOS solutions, which are starting to emerge and gain popularity and usage across Europe and beyond.

European payments provider myPOS recently launched its own softPOS solution called myPOS Glass, which turns the merchant’s Android phone into a payment terminal and enables tap-and-pay card transactions. This payment innovation is a result of the partnership with the French SoftPOS developer Alcinéo, which provided the contactless payment security modules and worked alongside myPOS before, during and after the implementation.

The result is the payment app, myPOS Glass, which ensures easy and secure contactless payments with the client card on the merchant’s smartphone without any additional hardware or cables. It is Visa and Mastercard certified and accepts all types of Visa and Mastercard debit and credit cards as well as mobile wallets. 

The application is available in Google Play for Italy, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, Bulgaria, with more countries coming soon.

“Fintech collaborations are key when looking to offer a game-changing solution and we are really happy to have partnered with Alcinéo – comments Christo Georgiev, myPOS founder.

“Innovation in the payment ecosystem is based on technological partnerships, and we are delighted to participate with myPOS to the development of the SoftPOS solution “ – states Arnaud Corria, CEO of Alcinéo.

What does this mean for small merchants and independent professionals?

myPOS Glass enables certain types of micro businesses and solo entrepreneurs to accept payments on the go or wherever their location is, without investing in a payment device or carrying an extra one with them. It helps them show forward thinking, efficiency and provide a better experience to their own clients, while having security and peace of mind when accepting payments on their mobile.

About myPOSmyPOS is a fintech company serving SMEs across the EEA and Switzerland. The myPOS e-money accounts and payment services are provided by myPOS Europe Ltd, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, in partnership with an EU-licensed E-Money Institution who is a direct member of Visa, Mastercard, Amex, JCB, UPI and other card schemes. 

About Alcinéo Alcinéo is a software company, specialized in the development of embedded finance software implementing card scheme technologies and security. Alcineo offers customized and innovative solutions for financial and security projects. It provides state-of-the-art SoftPOS SDK that enables customers to build their tailored tap to phone project.

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