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Mastercard and myPOS join forces to help retailers lift sales this holiday season

The holiday shopping season is in full swing! As a retailer, it’s only natural to be thinking about your sales, stock, discounts and customers at this time of year. And with the growth in online sales and changing consumer habits, going online is one more thing to consider. Luckily, myPOS and Mastercard have made this super easy for you and in addition to being able to create your own beautiful online shop for free, you can also stand the chance of winning one of five 200 EUR* Mastercard gift cards!

So what do you need to do to stand the chance to win? Try myPOS Online for free! myPOS Online is a new platform that lets you create a modern online store easily and only pay a small transaction fee once a sale is complete. 

With myPOS Online, you pay no set-up or monthly fees and much like the other myPOS services, our new offering enables you to settle funds instantly, at no extra charge, and provides a free merchant account in 14 currencies. 

Businesses in Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK, France, Bulgaria which open a store by 31 January 2022 stand a chance to win one of five Mastercard gift cards, preloaded with 200 EUR.

By now, you already know that an online presence is crucial at this time of year. And according to research done in 2020, most consumers did some or all of their holiday shopping online. In addition to this, the holiday season is extending, cross-border buying is increasing and consumers are planning to keep their digital shopping habits beyond the pandemic. This opens new opportunities for you which you can take advantage of with myPOS Online!

What’s more is that with the rise of all things digital, customers do their shopping “homework” before they leave home – if they ever do – and your online presence could be what seals the deal. That’s why you should grab the chance to create a sleek online store that doesn’t require any technical, design or legal knowledge.

Building your own e-store with myPOS Online is super easy because the platform offers a complete set of features, including: 

  • Customisation 
  • Hosting
  • Inventory tracking 
  • Secure checkout 
  • Shipping options, and 
  • In-store pickup

If you’ve been worried about not having the resources to develop your online store, you can rest easy as you can now do so in a few simple steps! All you need to do is choose how to name your online shop, pick from a variety of beautiful store templates and upload your products from anywhere. The setup and management can even be done on the go through the myPOS app!

Convinced yet? Then why not start setting up your own online store with myPOS Online today? You can help boost your holiday sales and stay competitive at the same time. Plus, you could be the lucky winner of a 200 EUR Mastercard gift card. Ready? It’s time to get started!

*Тhe currency correlates to the country, meaning the gift card is worth 200 GBP the UK it is 200 BGN in Bulgaria.

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