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myPOS increases contactless payment limits to fight COVID-19

In a bid to stop the rapid spread of COVID-19, strict measures are necessary to protect populations from infection. This is why fintech companies like myPOS are updating and increasing our contactless payment limits for PIN entry to fight COVID-19.

What do these new limits mean?

According to the latest VISA and Mastercard regulations, customers are now encouraged to pay using their contactless cards to help prevent the spread of the pandemic and myPOS is playing its part in doing so.

All myPOS merchants will now be able to accept contactless payments with higher spending limits for a single payment. Merchants will also benefit from the increased limits when paying with their myPOS VISA or Mastercard business card.

The new increased limits will now mean that you or your clients will no longer be required to manually enter your PIN on card payment machines when making payments under the limit, enabling you to protect yourself and those around you from infection. This will avoid unnecessary touch points and keep merchants and customers safe.

How can you stay safe during the pandemic?

We urge all myPOS merchants to keep your card payment devices clean and disinfected while accepting contactless or other payments.

This way, you’ll not only protect yourself from infection, but also your clientele.

Accept contactless payments on your myPOS devices – whether traditional or Smart – to help curb the spread of COVID-19 by avoiding unnecessary physical contact and manual entry of PINs on card terminals.

As an added bonus, you can also make use of our online payment solutions to help you accept payments remotely.

Global measures

Numerous countries in Europe and the rest of the world are already adopting these measures. myPOS is proud to be a part of this initiative in helping reduce the spread of the pandemic.

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