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Supporting your favourite small businesses to survive the coronavirus crisis

Many small businesses have been hit hard with the recent COVID-19 outbreak. Due to severe government restrictions which encourage social distancing, they are unable to operate in the wake of the pandemic.

However, supporting small businesses is vitally important as they make up a vast majority of the economy. Not only that but they care about and are invested in the well-being of communities as they tend to be more accountable. In addition, small businesses have a smaller carbon footprint as they often have the means to manufacture and source locally.

Finally, many small businesses have a shorter manufacturer-to-consumer journey. This means increased transparency in ingredients, materials and the source of products that are bought. 

So, how can you support small businesses in your community whilst practising social distancing? 

In this blog post, we cover 6 ways for you to do so, in order to help them and your community overcome the economic hardships that they are currently facing. 

1. Purchase gift cards

Check if your local small business offers gift cards. These are not only a strong customer retention tool, but a great way of ensuring that these small businesses keep running. Gift cards can be purchased now and used at a later stage. By purchasing them now, you’re helping your local business stay afloat as they have an income stream on which to rely. 

2. Support local restaurants

Although many, if not all, local restaurants have closed their doors to avoid large groups of people gathering together, you can still give your favourite local restaurant a call or look on their website to see if they offer deliveries and takeaways. This way, you’ll support your local chefs and restauranteurs through these tough times.

3. Enjoy playtime with your kids by starting a new hobby

With many schools closing their doors, you’ll find yourself spending a lot more time with your children than you usually do. Starting a hobby with them is a great idea and you can order some play materials for them, giving a helping hand to local bookstores or arts & craft shops. Here are some examples of these hobbies: colouring books (for both kids and adults), books, puzzles, craft kits, indoor gardening kits, games and more!

4. Shop local online

Many small and independent shops have websites that you can purchase from while you’re practicing social distancing. All your necessities for your home and your personal needs can be purchased online, too. Consider this for natural cleaning products, non-perishable snacks, pet food, personal care items, and others.

5. Write a review

Sources indicate that by writing a five-star review of your favourite business helps companies rank well in search engines. This, in turn, allows them to get more traffic to their site and leads to more sales. Some sites where you can do this include Yelp, Google, Facebook, Instagram and Trustpilot.

6. Engage local businesses on social media

Social media is an inevitable part of our lives and many businesses have social media accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and others. By following, liking and sharing posts from your favourite small business, you’ll help them increase their following which will help them stand out, get discovered and thrive as they compete with larger companies that have sizable marketing budgets. Your likes and comments can really go a long way! And don’t forget to use hashtags to tag your favourite local business. 

Supporting local businesses can go a long way!

As we settle in our homes, many small business owners will be wondering how to stay afloat in these difficult times. Remember that you have a couple of options available to you to do your part and help support them as the pandemic is being addressed. Whether you write reviews or engage with their social media accounts, or purchase gift cards or order takeaways and deliveries – you have several tools in your arsenal to help small businesses in your community. Don’t be afraid to reach out to them and so that they can sustain and continue to provide your favourite products or services.

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