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Why restaurants should prepare for takeaway and delivery now

COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus, has taken the world by storm. Governments across the globe have introduced new measures to address this serious pandemic by asking people to stay indoors for the time being, but its impact on small businesses like restaurants, cafes and bars is immense. 

With restaurants in the UK closing their doors to their clientele, it’s only a matter of time before the financial aftereffects on the Horeca industry make an impact. In fact, many restaurants and cafes across Europe are already taking a hit as a result of this phenomenon. This is why, in times of crisis, it’s important to prepare your restaurant business for customers who are physically at a distance from you. Let’s take a look at how to do this. 

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Prepare to offer takeaways

Many people who work in large buildings often seek to get their lunch or snacks from nearby restaurants and sometimes indulge in lunches outside the office to relax and refresh themselves for the day that lies ahead.

However, with strict measures being put into place, closing many restaurants and cafes for health reasons where many people gather at the same time will impact on the supply of food available at these establishments.

Therefore, it might be a wise decision for both your business and your clientele to offer takeaways. This solution will help you minimise risk of contact with your customers, effectively keeping both you, your staff and your clients safe and healthy.

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Get your restaurant ready for deliveries

Another useful solution that you might consider implementing in your restaurant business during this time of crisis is offering food via deliveries.

While there are a number of companies that already do this, such as Uber Eats, by jumping on this bandwagon, you’ll not only keep your business afloat, but will be engaging in offering services whilst at the same time doing social distancing.

This is for the benefit of both your staff and your customers. With this solution, you might want to invest in motor bikes or bicycles, alternatively delivery vehicles by renting them out, so that you can cater to your growingly distant clientele.

Delivering to homes and offices will help you continue providing your service offering and will help everyone involved remain healthy.

Invest in online and cashless payment solutions

It’s a well known fact that money is not the most hygienic thing to touch out there as it’s gone through hundreds of people before it reaches you.

Therefore, exchanging cash is not the safest option at the moment.

This is where cashless payment solutions kick in. You’ll certainly want to consider offering your cashless clientele options of paying by card through a wireless card payment machine. Here, no touching of the touchpad is necessary and your delivery personnel can stay just as safe as your customers.

Alternatively, there are other payment solutions such as a virtual terminal, where you can simply take payments over the phone or integrate a payment gateway in your website.

With these online payment options, the phone in the palm of your hands becomes a tool for accepting cash without the need for physical contact, thereby reducing any potential health risks. 

Get ready to innovate your business offering

As we wrap up, we’d like to point out that according to research, Europe is the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak.

Small and medium sized businesses are likely to experience a drop in sales and profits over the coming weeks and months.

In order to stay afloat financially and be healthy at the same time, consider investing in alternative methods of service delivery whilst at the same time providing cashless payment solutions such as those offered by myPOS.

This way, everyone will stay healthy and well, and we can address this difficult situation together!

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