myPOS Carbon Fiscal

Cash register, printer and payment terminal in one

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myPOS Carbon Fiscal

Approved by the NRA under Ordinance H-18

Take advantage of all benefits of myPOS Carbon Fiscal

  • NAP connected card

    NAP connected card

  • 1-year free service

    1-year free service

  • Meets all the requirements of Ordinance H-18

    Meets all the requirements of Ordinance H-18

  • Shock- and waterproof, IP54 and ATEX certificated

    Shock- and waterproof, IP54 and ATEX certificated

  • High-speed thermal receipt printer

    High-speed thermal receipt printer

A better solution for the Bulgarian market

After the success of the first fiscal POS terminal in Bulgaria, myPOS N5 Fiscal, myPOS launches the next generation fiscal device on the market, which combines a cash register, fiscal printer and POS terminal. myPOS Carbon Fiscal is more efficient, has an intuitive interface and processes payments even faster.

Issue receipts and invoices

With myPOS Carbon Fiscal, you can issue receipts or invoices for every payment - in cash, by card or mixed. The device is in permanent connection with the National Revenue Agency through the SIM card included in the package.

Instant transactions and settlement of funds

You receive the money from every card payment in your myPOS business account instantly and without additional fees.

Real-time fiscal reports

You monitor the activity of the fiscal machine and your turnover in real time. You have access to a detailed report of all accepted cash or card payments for a certain period.

1-year free service

1-year free service

1-year free service

By purchasing myPOS Carbon Fiscal, you get a free full service for a period of 1 year. We provide timely support and competent consultation to our customers.

Help with registration and fiscalization

We will assist you with the necessary documents for registration of the fiscal POS device. To use myPOS Carbon Fiscal as a cash register, you need to open a free myPOS account and fill out an application for fiscalization.

Suitable for various businesses

Thanks to its functional advantages, Carbon Fiscal is an ideal choice for restaurants, transport companies, suppliers, retail outlets and businesses operating in physical locations or online

Easily accept any payment

  • Contactless payments

    Contactless payments

  • Chip cards

    Chip cards

  • Magnetic strip cards

    Magnetic strip cards

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Your myPOS account comes with everything your business needs

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Pay only when you get paid

No monthly fees or rental contracts!

249.00 EUR

One time price

1.45% + 0.05 EUR

Transaction fee

1 year

Free full service

30 Days

Money-back guarantee

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Frequently asked questions

In order to accept payments, myPOS Carbon Fiscal must always be connected to the Internet via the included DATA SIM card, which is installed in it. The card serves for the processing of card payments and permanent connection with the National Revenue Agency.

The funds arrive in your account straightaway because payouts are instant and processing takes seconds.

You do not need to have a company bank account to use myPOS Carbon Fiscal. You will receive all payments immediately in your own multicurrency business account. You can then transfer amounts between your accounts or use the Mastercard business card, which you will receive for free, to manage your company expenses. You can find more information about our prices here.

Carbon Fiscal uses an NFC reader to accept payments. All cards and devices (including mobile phones and smart watches with an installed electronic wallet) can be connected to the NFC reader to accept a payment. Simply bring the contactless card or NFC device with an electronic wallet close to the POS terminal.

Yes, the device is registered and approved by NRA according to the most recent changes in Regulation N-18.

After payment of the order, one of our representatives will contact you to clarify all the details and necessary documents for registration of the fiscal POS device. To use myPOS Carbon Fiscal, you need to open a free myPOS account and fill out an application for fiscalization.

Besides online, you can visit our showroom in Sofia or Varna to get more information on the site.

myPOS Carbon Fiscal is a new generation terminal with an IP54 certificate for a level of physical protection. It can withstand a drop from a height of 1.5 meters, but still, for trouble-free long-term operation, protect the POS terminal from impact or falling, which can lead to malfunction and expensive repairs.

The device is shock-, dust- and water-resistant (IP54), as well as vibration-resistant.

The ATEX certification attests that the device can be used safely and reliably in hazardous workplaces, such as gas stations and chemical and petrochemical industries. Carbon Fiscal is not a source of ignition or explosion in a potentially explosive atmosphere and can withstand a certain amount of heat without causing a secondary explosion or fire.

If the POS terminal is lost or stolen, you must contact us as soon as possible. A certain number of transactions can be accepted and later disputed. If the device is lost or stolen, your only loss will be transaction fees for refunds.

Yes, you have a 30-day right of return. If the device is returned within 30 days, the current legislation obliges the service provider to remove the fiscal memory and provide it to the retailer for safekeeping. This is a separate fiscal service that is paid for additionally.

Under the current legislation, you are obliged to be able to provide the fiscal device's passport. In case the passport is lost, it should be reissued. Please fill out this form and contact our Customer service.

Yes, you can find the user manual here.

Detailed instructions can be found in the user manual here.

In your account, you can monitor the activity of the fiscal device, your turnover in real time, find information about officially entered/withdrawn amounts, as well as a breakdown of all types of payments (cash, card and others) for a certain period.

Technical specifications

Terminal image

High-pressure thermal printer

Print speed: 80 mm/s

Paper roll width/diameter/length: 57mm/40mm/17m

Battery icon

Li-ion battery 7.4V/2600mAh

Android icon

Android 9.0 operating system

Hand and terminal image

5 inch HD
(1280 x 720) colour display, MultiTouch

More technical features


GPRS / 4G / 3G / 2G Wi-Fi

802.11b/g/n, 2.4GHz, BT4.2

Card readers

Magstripe card reader: Track 1/2/3, two-way ISO7811

Smart cards reader: EMV, PBOC certified

Contactless card reader: 13.56MHz, ISO14443, type A/B, MIFARE, QPBOC certified

Peripheral Ports

1 x type-C OTG, 1 x SD3.0

2 x SIM + 1 x SAM


Quad-Core 1.4GHz Processor, Security Chip


1GB RAM + 8GB Flash


420g with battery

Dimensions (L x H x W)

194mm x 80mm x 68.8mm


CCC, CE, ATEX, IP54; EMV3.0, L1&L2, PBOC/QPBOC, Paypass, PayWave, JCB, AMEX, Discover, TQM; PCI6.X, UPTS 3.0

Choose a Carbon Fiscal POS terminal with a cash register and make your business easier today!

Important: After payment of the order, one of our representatives will contact you to clarify all the details of the delivery and the fiscalization process of the device.

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