With myPOS Gift cards you ensure more customer loyalty

Easy to top up, inexpensive to purchase and with your own company name!

Issue your own gift cards in 3 easy steps

1. Create your own gift cards

Log in to your myPOS account and go to sales/invoices -> gift cards. Select a standard design and personalise the gift cards with your own company name or details and place your order. You will receive ordered cards within 3-5 working days.

2. Load the cards

You can now easily top up the gift cards with an amount of your choice using your myPOS ATM. To do this, go to the Gift Card menu on the myPOS terminal and swipe the gift card through the magnetic strip reader through the magnetic stripe reader. Each top up costs 1 euro.

3. Insight into sales and transactions

In your myPOS account you can easily see the transaction history and outstanding balance of gift cards. Combine the gift cards with an attractive gift wrapping in your own house style. This way, you increase customer loyalty and gain insight into your customers' purchasing behaviour.

Universally deployable and affordable. Ideal for small and large businesses.

The myPOS gift cards are linked to your company and are therefore a powerful way of customer loyalty. What's more, the cards are cheap to buy and you only pay top-up fees when a customer uses them. You only pay top-up costs when a customer wants to top up the card. Gift cards are also ideal for marketing campaigns and promotions. In short, a versatile solution with low costs, suitable for both small and large entrepreneurs.

The advantages of myPOS Gift Cards

Simple to order and use

You can order your myPOS gift cards easily in a few minutes starting at 1 euro each with a minimum of 100 pieces. Only when the customer wants a gift card do you have to top it up at a myPOS ATM.

Increased customer loyalty and service

Thanks to gift cards, you have greater customer loyalty. Furthermore, you can easily use gift cards for marketing and promotional purposes.

Easy management

Thanks to the myPOS account, it is easy to manage all issued gift cards and you have instant
insight into the top-ups and transactions.

The advantages of myPOS Gift Cards summarised

  • Available from 1 euro each and can be ordered from 100 pieces
  • Personalised with your company name or details
  • Can be topped up with an amount of your choice at any myPOS cash machine
  • Ideal for customer loyalty or marketing and promotion
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