myPOS N5 Fiscal

Cash register, printer and payment terminal in one

Starting from

249.00 EUR

(Price excl. VAT)

  • Cash register, printer and payment terminal
  • NRA connected card
  • 1 year free full service
myPOS N5 Fiscal

Approved by NAP

Н-18 certified

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    Monthly costs
  • 1.69% + 0.05 EUR
    Transaction fee
  • 1 year
    Free warranty
  • 1 year
    Free full service
  • 30 Days *
    Money-back guarantee

myPOS N5 Fiscal combines a fiscal cash register, printer and POS terminal in one

myPOS N5 Fiscal is a multifunctional payment acceptance solution unique for the Bulgarian market. One device combines a POS terminal and a cash register with a printer as well as fast transactions and instant payout. As a business owner, you can also issue receipts and accept card payments with one device.

The product is especially designed to meet the latest changes in the Н-18 regulation. myPOS N5 Fiscal covers all Bulgarian merchants' payments needs combined in one device only. The new payment terminal meets all the requirements of the updated regulation.

With its unique functionalities as well as free value added services like merchant account and business card, myPOS N5 Fiscal allows merchants to skip second-hand devices and rather opt for an exchange and avail of the revolutionary benefits of our affordable solution at the same time.

Our representative will contact you to clarify all order details and the necessary documents for the device registration. To use myPOS N5 Fiscal, you need to open a free myPOS account and fill out a fiscalisation certificate.

By purchasing the device you receive a free full service for a period of 1 year. The technicians we work with have the necessary skills and experience to provide timely support and competent advice to our customers.

With its functional advantages and compact size, the N5 Fiscal is suitable for: hotels, restaurants, transport and supply companies, retail outlets and businesses operating in physical locations or online.

More than just a cash register with a printer and POS terminal

myPOS clients receive a complete payment solution to grow their business. Join them!

Avail of the benefits myPOS offers you:

  • A free merchant account and Businsess card Mastercard
  • Dedicated IBANs in 14 different currencies
  • Access to intuitive functionalities in the myPOS mobile app
  • Instant payout - anywhere and anytime

And the best part?

  • No monthly or annual service fees
  • No setup fee for online payments acceptance
  • Full control of corporate expenses
myPOS terminal - mobile credit card reader

What our customers say about us

Milena Machirska, Machirski Sport EOOD

Our partner recommended myPOS' services as extremely innovative and convenient. myPOS N5 Fiscal combines a cash register and a POS terminal in one, which is of great convenience and makes work easier. In addition, funds can be accessed immediately and all operations on the platform can be tracked very quickly.

Why choose myPOS N5 Fiscal?

Cash register with a printer

Cash register with a printer

POS terminal

POS terminal

Covers all Н-18 regulation requirements

Covers all Н-18 regulation requirements

NAP connected card

NAP connected card

Powered by Android

Powered by Android

Sensor display

Sensor display

Dimensions (L W H)

186mm × 82mm × 64mm


5.5“ capacitive touchscreen , 720х1280


3G/4G LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth


Li-ion battery, 4300mAh


100-240V, 50-60Hz




Thermal paper roll W x D x L 57mm х 40mm x 17m

Card slots

microSD or microSDHC

Peripheral Ports

1Micro USB


Operating temperature: -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F); Relative humidity: 5% to 95%

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: Can the device operate without an internet connection?

    A: To accept payments, myPOS N5 Fiscal must always be connected to the internet via the preinstalled DATA SIM card. The card is used for processing card payments and a constant connection with NAP.

  • Q: Is the device shock-proof?

    A: The short answer is "no". For flawless operation, never drop or expose the POS terminal to mechanical shocks and vibrations as they can result in malfunctions.

  • Q: How quickly is the money cleared from a card payment with the POS terminal?

    A: Right away. It is an instant payment. Processing takes seconds.

  • Q: Can I assign payments from the POS terminal to my bank account?

    A: You don’t have to own a bank account in order to use myPOS. All payments are instantly settled in your very own, multi-currency myPOS merchant account. Later you can transfer the amounts to any bank account you wish or use the business VISA card we provide to manage corporate expenses.

  • Q: How can I accept payments from customers who would like to pay with mobile phones?

    A: This portable card reader uses NFC (Near Field Communication) to accept payments. All cards and devices (incl. mobile phones with an installed e-wallet) can be connected for a payment. Just bring the e-wallet device closer to the terminal.

  • Q: Is myPOS N5 Fiscal compliant with Bulgarian legislation requirements?

    A: Yes, the device is registered and approved by NRA according to the most recent changes in Regulation N-18.

  • Q: What is the procedure after purchasing myPOS N5 Fiscal?

    A: After order payment, our representative will contact you to clarify all the details and the necessary documents for the registration of the device. To use myPOS N5 Fiscal you need to open a free myPOS account and fill out a fiscalisation certificate.

  • Q: What happens if the device is lost or stolen? Can anyone harm my business?

    A: If the card machine gets lost or stolen, please contact us as soon as possible. The only harm one can do is to accept a certain number of transactions, which later on may have to be charged back (refunded). Your business will have to cover the transaction fees and this is the only harm in case of a lost/stolen terminal.

  • Q: I lost my fiscal device's passport, what should I do?

    A: Under the current legislation, you are obliged to be able to provide the fiscal device's passport. In case the passport is lost, it should be reissued. Please fill out this form and contact our Customer service.

Ready to buy?

myPOS N5 Fiscal

Starting from

249.00 EUR

(Price excl. VAT)

Important: After paying for the order, our representative will contact you to clarify all the details of delivery and the process of the device fiscalisation.

*If the device is returned within 30 days, the current legislation obliges the service provider to remove the fiscal memory and provide it to the merchant for storage purposes. This is a separate fiscal service for which a fee of BGN 95 is due.


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