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Christo Georgiev on myPOS AppMarket For Business Apps

Features such as new forms of payment, special registers for transactions and more are essential to keeping your customers satisfied and turning them into regulars. But while myPOS payment terminals already offer a huge variety of features, we also understand that we can’t possibly cater to every single need that any business might have. Which is why we decided to get some help.

Christo Georgiev – “Individual businesses need a tailored approach when it comes to accepting payments. Offering a fully customizable and complete omni-channel payments solution which empowers businesses, to stay as agile as they need to be, has always been in our foresight. Tapping into the familiarity of our everyday favourite device – the smartphone, pushed us even further to create the myPOS AppMarket.”

What is myPOS AppMarket and how to use it?

Introducing the our AppMarket, a store you can access directly from your terminal which offers the ability to download apps catered directly to your needs. If you’ve ever browsed the Google Play Store or Apple App Store on your phone, then you know exactly how this works. You can open AppMarket straight from your terminal and download various Android-based apps developed by us or our partners. Keep in mind that while some of the apps are free and available for use by anyone others may be paid or restricted to certain businesses. Just pick whatever app grabs your eye, download it and use it in your business operations!

But what if nothing there grabs your eye?

Don’t worry. If your business has very particular needs, you’re able to write your own Android-based app. We will be there to support you and put it up on the myPOS AppMarket for you and others to enjoy. That way you can easily access it on any POS terminal you own. Even if they’re in different cities or even different countries! And if your apps aren’t limited to just one business, but instead can be used by everyone, you can offer them for free. You can even charge a fee from your users if you choose. That way you not only give your customers more flexibility, but also can potentially earn more revenue on the side!

Stay tuned for frequent updates as we and our partners develop various apps for you and your business. Please note that the marketplace can only be accessed on our Smart line of terminals (namely the myPOS Smart and the myPOS Smart N5, and older models are not supported at this time. If you own a Smart terminal, however, be sure to check AppMarket. It will continue to update with new apps and features.

If you have any questions about accessing AppMarket, please don’t hesitate to contact us at! We’d love to help you and answer your questions!

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