Additional account users - management and identification FAQ

  • I want to add users to my account so they can operate with it. Is this possible?

    Yes, merchants can link additional users to their accounts and assign them different rights. This is done via the Team tab, accessible from the profile icon in the top right corner of your myPOS account. From there, you can manage all users with account access and edit their rights whenever you deem necessary.

    I want to add a new user. What information is required?

    • Fill in the new user’s login details
    • Enter their personal information
    • Determine account rights

    A text message with a confirmation code or a push notification will be sent to the account owner’s phone to complete the process.

    If the user already exists in the myPOS Platform, the owner will not be required to enter the user’s personal details - the existing user’s profile will be linked when the user’s email address is entered.

    What is the difference between blocked and deleted users?

    Blocking the access of a user is an option the merchant can use to temporarily deny a user the rights they have been given and to prevent them from operating with the account. Until unblocked, the user will show under Blocked users. At a later stage, the merchant can decide to reverse the action or delete the user altogether.

    Removing account access is permanent and cannot be reversed. If a user is already deleted, they should be added again as a new user, following the process from the start.

    Are additional users in my account required to be identified?

    Yes. myPOS is legally required to verify the identity of every user operating in the myPOS platform. In accordance with the EU Fourth Money Laundering Directive, all institutions providing financial services are obliged to confirm the identity of a third party. Therefore, all additional users are expected to go through an identification process.

    What does the identification process include?

    As soon as the account owner has granted another user access to their myPOS account:

    1. The user will be sent a confirmation email where they will be asked to download and install the myPOS app on their smartphones and then complete the identification.
    2. Upon login to the app, the user will need to confirm their personal details.
    3. He/she will then be requested to upload:
      • An image of a valid identity document - acceptable are national ID card or international passport;
      • Proof of address (if the ID document does not contain the address). Please check which documents are accepted as proof of address here;
      • Take a selfie.
    4. Once the user provides all the required documents, a standard check will be performed to confirm the validity of the information.
    5. As soon as the user is successfully identified, the restrictions will be removed and they will receive their full access as per the given user rights.

    What happens if the user does not complete the identification process?

    The user will be able to log in and browse the account, but will be restricted from making any payment operations until identification is completed.

    I have additional account users I added in the past, who were not identified. Are they required to pass the identification process as well?

    Yes. This is valid for all users with access to payment operations. If you have added a user in the past, who has operated with your account before, the latter will be restricted until the identification process has been completed. The user will be informed about this upon logging in the myPOS account.

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