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    1. What is myPOS Invoicing?

    Invoicing is a value-added service that allows merchants to generate and send invoices directly through their myPOS accounts. With our free plan, you can generate and send invoices to up to 5 customers. If you would like to send invoices to more customers, take advantage of our unlimited plan. To offer you more flexibility you can subscribe for unlimited invoicing with a monthly or yearly payment plan. Invoicing offers a seamless and effortless collection of payments by presenting the option to pay by card or by bank transfer. All funds from invoices paid by card are accessible straight away in your myPOS account and offer a better payment experience for your clients.

    2. Can anyone use the myPOS invoicing feature?

    Anyone with a myPOS merchant account can enjoy the benefits of myPOS invoicing. It’s easy - just go to your myPOS account and navigate to the Sales/Invoices menu. The Invoices menu lets you generate and send customisable invoices, add items initially created in the Products menu, create a customer list (Customers menu) and save your invoice templates.

    3. How can I manage the items I add to my invoices?

    You can create a list with items easily by navigating to section Products. From there you can:

    • Manage product lists
    • Specify item quantities
    • Create product categories
    • Upload item images

    4. How can I create invoices with myPOS?

    You can customise and use invoices from your myPOS account by visiting the section Invoices. Before creating your invoice, choose a currency and select the account, in which the payment should be settled once received. Once this is done, start customising your invoice by adding a company logo or changing the colors and fonts. Some of the useful features of myPOS Invoicing you can use include:

    • Applying individual discounts in each invoice as a percentage or a fixed amount
    • Choosing to represent tax in percentage form
    • Customising the invoice number prefix
    • Option to attach additional documents to the invoice
    • Option to save the invoice as a template and reuse it later
    • Customising invoice design with your logo, company fonts and colors your company uses
    • Choosing invoice language
    • Setting a due date

    * When filling the invoice details, it is important to remember that only Latin letters should be used.

    5. What channels can I use to send invoices to clients?

    myPOS invoices can be sent directly from your account over mail, SMS, Facebook, LinkedIn, Viber, WhatsApp and other instant messaging apps. You will also be provided with a link to each invoice, which you can use across your preferred online channels. Once the client receives and clicks on the link, they will be able to immediately pay the invoice online via a credit or debit card.

    6. Is there a convenient way to remind clients about outstanding payments?

    Yes, you no longer have to worry about uncomfortable conversations with clients regarding payments that are still due. You can remind customers by re-sending them the payment link next to each generated invoice.

    7. How will I know if a client has made a payment?

    In order to stay in control at all times and keep track of your payments, you can track the payment status of your invoices via your merchant account. In addition, invoice reporting allows you to review and analyze your financial situation when needed.

    8. How long will it take for a client’s payment to be settled?

    Your clients will have two options of making payments once you have invoiced them - by card or bank transfer. Payments by card are directly received in your merchant account and will give you instant access to the money.

    If a client chooses to pay via bank transfer, they will receive your merchant account information, along with instructions to insert the invoice number in the Reasons for payment field. Bank payments are usually settled between 3 and 5 days.

    9. Will I be charged for using Invoicing?

    You can enjoy a free invoicing version, which allows you to send invoices to up to 5 customers. Alternatively, you can take advantage of our unlimited plan and send invoices to an unlimited number of clients.

    10. Is myPOS invoicing available in the myPOS mobile app?

    Yes, myPOS invoicing is available to Android and iOS mobile users via the myPOS mobile app. You can generate and send your invoices on the go.

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