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How will Brexit affect myPOS and its operations both in the UK and in the EU/EEA?

  • myPOS has been closely monitoring all developments regarding Brexit for a long time and have planned for all possible outcomes.

    We would like to inform you that regardless of the outcome of the proposed Brexit deal, and regardless of whether there will be a “hard” or “soft” Brexit, a rearrangement of the Brexit timeline, or even a new referendum on Brexit, myPOS does not expect any disruption to our ability to service our clients both in the United Kingdom or in the European Union.

    We would also like to notify you that we have taken all necessary measures to protect our clients and their businesses in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

    We will keep you informed over the next weeks and months regarding next steps as additional developments concerning Brexit come into existence. Once again, regardless of any outcome, myPOS has taken all steps to continue to offer all of our services to all myPOS clients without any interruption.

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