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  • 3D Secure 2.0 - FAQs

    1. What is 3DS 2.0?

    3D Secure, otherwise known as 3 Domain Server, is a type of payer authentication that reduces the risks of fraud. 3DS 2.0 was created with increased security in mind and is a part of PSD2’s Strong Customer Authentication regulations.

    2. How does it differ from 3DS 1.0?

    3DS 2.0 differs from version one in several ways. It introduces a stronger element of customer authentication as static passwords will be replaced with tokens and biometric data. This will result in enhanced customer experiences when purchasing goods online and will lead to better conversions owing to reduced friction in the transaction process. It also offers better support for mobile clients.

    3. How does it affect customers?

    Customers who make purchases online will see additional fields for entry, depending on the card scheme they use. These fields will be mandatory before the transaction can be carried out and include: the client’s email address, client’s billing address, the cardholder name as well as a mobile phone number.

    4. How does it affect merchants?

    As a result of 3DS 2.0, merchants will face fewer fraud-related complaints and will not be held liable for such. There will also be reduced risks of chargebacks for them.

    5. What are its advantages?

    Apart from increased security for both the customer and the merchant, it is also an important tool for reducing fraud. It makes online shopping an e-commerce a safer place to be online. Further benefits include the nourishing of brand loyalty, its ease of use, improved customer confidence on websites and ultimately increases online sales.

    6. Are there any disadvantages?

    Since not all card schemes are currently participating in this program of authentication payer scheme, some customers may not be able to complete their purchases online. Secondly, while it does not restrict chargebacks from taking place, it does reduce the cost of fraudulent chargebacks.

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