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    Each myPOS Business Visa card is issued with an individual PIN (Personal Identification Number) which is needed to make payments or to withdraw cash.

    The PIN will be issued when the card is activated - the last step of the activation process is the issuing of a PIN. Note that there might be a slight delay in receiving the PIN. In case the PIN is not received within 5 minutes, please contact Customer Support.

    If the PIN was forgotten and the wrong PIN was entered three consecutive times, the card will be blocked. This is done for the client’s protection, please contact the Customer Support team for assistance.

    The Customer Support team can also help with a lost PIN. After the client’s identity is confirmed, they will be provided a phone number. This number is secure and used specifically for the purpose of issuing PIN codes. The client will be asked to send a text message to this number. It should contain the following text: myPOS + a space + XXXXXX (the last 6 digits of the card number). A text message will be generated containing the client’s PIN. Note that the text message must be sent from the mobile number used when opening the myPOS account. The PIN will be sent to this mobile number as well.

    To make the PIN code easier to remember, the merchant can also change the PIN at any ATM. Insert the myPOS Business Visa card into any ATM, select the option Change PIN from the menu and follow the instructions.

    PIN Security Tips:

    • Simple number sequences like 1234 and 0000 or number repetitions such as 1122 and 8899 should be avoided
    • Significant dates such as birth year and birth day and month, in any combination, should be avoided
    • Avoid using any part of Social Security Numbers or the VAT/TAX number of the company
    • Any part of significant address or phone numbers should be avoided

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