• Accepting payments

    The myPOS devices process every type of card - CHIP & PIN, magnetic stripe and contactless cards, and accept payments with all major card providers, as well as payments with Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

    Processing CHIP&PIN cards

    Insert the card (chip-side first and facing up) into the bottom slot of the device. If the device does not accept the card, ensure that the card is inserted properly by removing it and inserting it again. If the problem persists, there might be an issue with the card. Please, ask the customer to provide a different card.

    CHIP cards typically require a PIN code to confirm the transaction. In this case the myPOS terminal will display ENTER PIN message. Hand over the terminal to the customer and ask him/her to enter the PIN code and press the confirmation key when ready. The terminal will process the PIN code and display a successful transaction message if the PIN is correct.

    If the card does not require a PIN, the transaction will be processed without a PIN request and a successful transaction message will be displayed.

    PIN - personal identification number

    Processing magnetic stripe cards

    Swipe the card (magnetic stripe side up) through the top slot of the device. Ensure the card is inserted properly and swipe it through the reader at an even speed. Be advised that the speed of swiping the card should not be too slow, as this might cause problems.

    If a CHIP card is swiped as a magnetic one, the terminal will not accept it. Please, insert the card (chip-side first and facing up) into the bottom slot of the myPOS device and follow the steps laid out in the Processing CHIP&PIN cards section.

    Processing contactless cards

    Contactless payments are made with a contactless card or a smartphone.

    • Contactless cards: myPOS devices accept payWave and PayPass contactless cards, issued by Visa respectively. Contactless cards are recognizable by the following logo printed on them:
    • Smartphones: myPOS devices process payments made with Apple Pay and Google Pay

    Contactless card payments and smartphone payments are processed in the same way. Hold the card or smartphone approximately 3cm. above the display of the myPOS device. The four lights on the display will flash indicating that the card is recognized. If the payment is processed successfully, all four indicators will be lit, then a beep will indicate that the card can be removed. The payment is completed in a couple of seconds.

    On some occasions, typically for higher amounts, the card will require a PIN code to be entered. Hand over the terminal to the customer and ask him/her to enter the PIN code.

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