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    MO/TO payments

    MO/TO stands for Mail Order/Telephone Order. It’s a type of card-not-present payment which means that a customer may phone/email the merchant, place an order and pay by providing the payment card details over the phone or by email.

    All myPOS terminals allow for MO/TO payments but the option is not activated by default. Contact Customer Support to request activation. Upon approval, the software on the myPOS terminal device will be updated to activate MO/TO payments.

    To process a MO/TO payment with a POS Terminal, select the option form the myPOS device menu and follow the instructions.

    Note that when MOTO transactions are activated, a Rolling Reserve will be applied to every transaction.


    Utilizing the myPOS terminal, the merchants can offer customers the opportunity to top-up their phone or send phone credit to a friend or a family member worldwide.

    The process is quick and straightforward. From the myPOS device menu, select the Top-up option and enter the phone number of the phone to top-up. Confirm the phone number, then confirm the mobile provider and enter the amount to be added as credit. Finalize the operation by confirming.


    All myPOS devices have a tipping feature that can be activated or deactivated from the Settings menu. Go to Settings, select ‘Transactions config’ option, then ‘Tipping mode’ and choose between ON and OFF.

    Once activated, the tipping option is added as a second step in the payment. The process goes as follows:

    1. Enter the payment amount and click on ‘Next’;
    2. Enter the tip amount and click ‘Next’ or skip the step by clicking on ‘Next’ straight away
    3. Confirm the amount and process the payment.

    Receipts - printed & digital

    Printed | Upon completing a payment, the myPOS devices with a printer will print the merchant’s copy of the receipt, wait 3 seconds, beep and print the customer’s copy of the receipt by default.

    The merchant can change the default settings of the receipt configuration from the myPOS device Settings menu 2, option 1. Receipt configuration at any time.

    Alternatively, the merchant can send an e-receipt for a successfully approved transaction at any time from the myPOS account » POS devices/Activity, by clicking on the Send receipt button or via the mobile app.

    Digital | myPOS devices without a printer provide receipts via text message or email. Upon a successfully approved transaction, the device will prompt the merchant to choose whether to send a receipt to the customer via text message or email.

    Alternatively, the merchant can choose to send the e-receipt later on from the myPOS account or via the myPOS mobile app.

    • myPOS account: select POS devices and choose Activity. The processed payments will load in the middle of the screen. Click on the payment to view the payment’s details and select the Send Receipt button. Choose whether a text message or an email receipt should be generated and click on the Send button.
    • myPOS mobile app: find the payment in the overview and tap on it to view the details. The button to send a receipt via text message or email will appear at the top right corner. Select the desired option, enter the details (if not pre-entered) and click on Confirm.

    Gift Cards

    About GiftCards
    The myPOS Private Label GiftCards were developed with the purpose of increasing the merchant sales and ensuring their customers keep coming back. myPOS offers 15 GiftCard designs for the merchant to choose from. After the design has been chosen, the merchant can further customise the card by adding a personal message and the details of their business.

    GiftCards can be utilized for payments processed by the myPOS Devices. Do note that GiftCards are not available for МО/ТО Virtual Terminal transactions, their purpose is to be utilized on the myPOS device that the merchant utilizes at their establishment (other brands POS devices cannot process transactions with GiftCards).

    Purchase GiftCards
    myPOS GiftCards can be purchased form the myPOS account page. The process is quick and easy, simply go to Sales/GiftCards and click on the Order GiftCards button, select the preferred GiftCard design, add a personal message on the front and back of the card and place the order.

    Sell GiftCards
    When a GiftCard is being sold by the merchant it needs to be loaded first.

      1. Go to TRANSACTION MENU1, select option GIFTCARDS
      2. Select the SALE OF NEW CARD sub-menu
      3. Enter the desired amount
      4. Slide the GiftCard trough the Magnetic Card Reader
      5. The myPOS device will provide a receipt to confirm the process has been completed
      Note: the card needs to be activated by the person who has received it as a gift prior to it being used. The card can be activated at www.giftcards.eu

    Accept payments with GiftCards

    • Accept payments with GiftCards:
      1. Go to TRANSACTION MENU1, select option GIFTCARDS
      2. Select the PAYMENT WITH GIFT CARD sub-menu
      3. Enter the desired amount
      4. Slide the GiftCard trough the Magnetic Card Reader
      5. The myPOS device will provide a receipt to confirm the process has been completed
      Note: GiftCards can also be used for MO/TO, void transactions and refunds

    GiftCards have no expiry date and are for one-time use only, once the gift card’s value has been redeemed, it can be disposed of.

    The merchant can also track the Sales, Redemption and Remaining Balance of each GiftCard in the Sales/GiftCards tab of the myPOS account.


    The myPOS devices offer 2 types of reports: a reconciliation report and a Top-up report. The reconciliation report shows all payments made with the device to date and groups them by type (Payments; Pre-Authorizations; Refunds; Void; Total). The merchant has the option to clear the memory, the report will then start populating from the first transaction after the memory was cleared.

    The Top-up report shows all “top-ups” made through the device to date. The top-up memory for the device can be cleared as well.

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