• Pre-authorisation on credit cards

    myPOS offers a pre-authorisation functionality predominantly for hotels, motels, B&Bs, hostels, camping sites, boat rentals, car rentals and others. By pre-authorising a credit card, you can be sure that the credit card that is used is valid and you can put a temporary hold/block on the amount needed. The term for which a pre-authorisation amount could be blocked is up to 30 days. This way, you can always be sure that you will receive your payment. The pre-authorisation functionality must not be used for loss, damage or theft charges. You may perform a separate transaction for this, if necessary.

    How does credit card pre-authorisation work?

    The pre-authorisation is not a payment, but a temporary reservation/deduction of a certain amount on the customer's credit card. For example at hotels, it is often equal to one or two nights of the booking. You can always convert the pre-authorisation into a payment later if, for example, the customer does not show up or there are additional charges. You can also cancel a pre-authorisation if payment is made in any other way.

    How can you use the pre-authorisation functionality?

    Pre-authorisation is usually more susceptible to fraud than a regular payment. This functionality is only available by sending a request to help@mypos.com. It has to be sent from the same email you used to register for your myPOS account. The subject of your email should be “Requesting a pre-authorisation method”. We assess each application individually.

    Which myPOS devices support the pre-authorisation functionality?

    Please note that all myPOS devices including card machines and POS systems comes with pre-authorisation functionality.

    The following business activities are almost always eligible for pre-authorisation:

    • B&B, hostels, camping, hotels, and motels.
    • Travel agencies and tour operators.
    • Car and scooter rental and other vehicle rental companies.
    • Yacht rental.

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