Referral Program FAQ

  • What is the myPOS Referral program?

    The myPOS Referral Program (“the Program”) is designed to help current myPOS customers spread the word about their experience and aid other businesses find the best payment solution. The referrer gets a bonus for a successful recommendation, whereas the referee benefits from a discount on their first purchase.

    Who can participate in this program?

    Any business owner can benefit and participate in the program both as a referrer or a referee. However, in order to be a referrer, one must be a verified myPOS client. The referee, on the other hand, needs to be an established business that has not yet created an account with myPOS.

    I am not a verified myPOS client. Can I still take part in the Referral Program?

    Yes. All it takes to participate is to get verified by completing a short online identification and following our instructions.

    Is the myPOS Client Referral program free of charge?

    Absolutely. There are no fees whatsoever to participate in the Program.

    How does the myPOS Referral Program work?

    It’s simple. Every verified myPOS client (the referrer) will be automatically assigned a unique customisable referral link that they can send to friends and other companies (the referees) to promote myPOS services. There are no limitations on using this unique link. When referees use the link, they will be sent to a web page where they can register for myPOS services and purchase a payment terminal from the myPOS online shop. Once verified, they can send their own referral links, too.

    Can I benefit from the Referral Program at a myPOS Store or another physical location offering myPOS?

    No, the specifics of the referral process require the purchase to be completed at the myPOS online shop, following the referral link of the referrer.

    What are the rewards for participating in the Program?

    Referred clients can purchase a myPOS payment terminal at a discounted price. Referring clients receive EUR 30.00 for every successful referral, which includes the following prerequisites:

    • The referred client is registered
    • Their account is verified
    • The purchased myPOS payment terminal is activated
    • More than 30 days have passed after the purchase without the terminal being returned to myPOS

    Keep in mind, however, that the amount of the reward for the referring and referred clients may differ depending on their countries of residence.

    Where can I find my customisable referral link?

    Referring myPOS clients can find their unique referral link in a new menu “Refer a business” in their myPOS account and mobile app.

    When can I start sending referral links?

    myPOS clients can start sending their own referral links once they have created a myPOS account and have successfully passed our verification process.

    Is the myPOS Referral Program time limited?

    As of now, the myPOS Referral Program is not limited in time.

    Who should I turn to if I experience a problem with the Referral Program?

    If you encounter problems with our Referral Program, do not hesitate and email us at help.fr@mypos.com and we will quickly help you.

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