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How myPOS Can Help Delivery Companies

The courier industry still has a lot of room for growth – not only in its ability to provide fast and safe shipments of goods to customers, but also in accepting payments from them.

As current technology advances, courier companies must adopt new ways of accepting cashless payments, and not only from their physical stores and couriers on the street.

You may have noticed that some couriers carry up to 3 different devices (scanner, portable printer and portable POS) which they use in all aspects of their job, from handling shipments to accepting payments.

But why carry so many devices when they can do the same with just one – easily and safely?

That device is the myPOS Carbon.

myPOS Carbon is a smart Android-based POS terminal that accepts most popular cards like VISA, Mastercard, JCB, Union Pay, American Express and more, as well as chip and PIN and contactless payments (NFC).

It also has a built-in printer, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and SIM card connectivity, a quad-core 1.4 GHz high-speed processor, bar-code reader, digital signature, GPS and integrated myPOS data SIM card with unlimited data for an uninterrupted internet connection in all countries of the European Economic Area.

The terminal’s Android-based operating system enables courier companies to create their own customized applications for the scanner, allowing the courier to handle all the functions required by a single device. That way, couriers no longer need to carry three separate devices – with myPOS Carbon they can scan bar-codes, take pictures of the delivery point, handle custom courier applications and accept card payments.

Let’s not forget that with myPOS transactions are made immediately, which allows you to use your earnings instantly instead of waiting for days for the charge to process like is standard for most banks.

Regardless of the size of your courier company, myPOS Carbon can undoubtedly help you operate your business and accept online payments in a secure, fast and reliable way.

Open a free myPOS merchant account for your courier company and if you have any questions regarding our services and our products please contact us at any time at We will be happy to help you!

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