Device warranty and warranty service plans

  • What is the warranty period of myPOS devices?

    Each myPOS device comes with a standard 1-year FREE warranty, starting from the date of purchase.

    Does the device warranty cover anything else apart from the myPOS device?

    No, the warranty does not cover any items apart from the POS device e.g. cables, accessories, plugs, power supply units etc.

    I want to purchase a device with warranty longer than 1 year. Is this possible?

    Yes. myPOS offers you the chance to keep your device protected for a longer time period. You can choose between 2 or 3 years extended warranty for an extra cost.

    How can I purchase extended warranty for a new device?

    You can purchase extended warranty for new devices which were bought online through the myPOS Online shop. Once you add a device to your cart, from there you can choose between:

    • Free 1-year warranty
    • 2 year warranty
    • 3 year warranty

    How much does the extended device warranty cost?

    The price varies based on the length of the warranty and the device model. You will see the warranty prices upon adding a device in your shopping cart for new devices. For already activated devices, the price options can be found in your merchant account.

    I have purchased a device with extended warranty. Does the warranty differ from the 1-year standard warranty?

    No, the only difference is the warranty period. 2- and 3-year warranty follows the same regulations as the 1-year FREE warranty.

    Are 2- and 3-year warranty plans available for all myPOS devices?

    All devices sold in the myPOS Online shop can be purchased with extended warranty.

    I have a promo code. Will I get the extended device warranty discounted upon using it?

    Promo code discounts are not applicable for warranties.

    Why should I buy extended warranty for my device?

    Buying a device with extended warranty ensures a longer protection of your POS terminal, allows you to run your business smoothly, plan ahead and not let any unexpected situations get in the way. You guarantee that your business will be equipped with all it needs and no potential issues can stand in its way for a longer time.

    Can I use extended warranty on any myPOS device?

    Extended warranty is available for all devices which myPOS currently sells. Discontinued devices are excluded from the list of eligible terminals that the warranty is applicable to.

    The service can be added to:

    • newly-purchased devices
    • used devices which are not older than 48 months (four years) except myPOS Go

    Can I purchase extended warranty for my used device?

    Yes, you can purchase extended warranty for devices that you have bought or activated in the past, as long as they are no more than 48 months old.

    Although extended warranty can be purchased separately for already used devices, we recommend that you take advantage of the service at the time of device purchase to enjoy lower prices.

    How can I purchase extended warranty from my account?

    You can get Extended Warranty for your device online via your merchant account for already activated devices by taking the following steps:

    1. Log into your myPOS account
    2. Go to the POS Devices menu
    3. Select your device, navigate to Warranty end date and choose Renew
    4. Select the time frame of the extended warranty - 1 or 2 years

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