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Campaign General Terms and Conditions

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Effective as of: 27.01.2022


“Campaign” means a campaign, that is managed by the Organizer, for the Campaign Period, in accordance with the present General Terms. The aim of the present Campaign is to promote the myPOS products to new potential clients of myPOS.

„Organizer” means myPOS Services OOD, with company number 204713889, having its registered seat at Varna 9023, Business Park Varna, B1.

“Participant” means a Merchant who is a client of myPOS and conforms to all of the below:

  1. Prior to the initiation of the campaign period, Merchant has not purchased any myPOS terminals;
  2. Merchant has successfully completed the identification and verification procedures and as a result has opened a myPOS account;
  3. Merchant is established in Italy;

“Campaign Period” means the time period during which the Organizer shall uphold the promotional campaign in accordance with the current General Terms and Conditions.

The current General Terms and Conditions dictate the manner in which the Cashback is conducted and govern the relationship between the Organizer and the Participants.

By participating in the Campaign, the Participants are bound by the present General Terms and agree to comply with the latter.


1.1 The Organizer of the promotional campaign is myPOS Services OOD, registered in the Commercial Register under UIC 204713889, with registered seat and address at Bulgaria, Varna, Business Park Varna B1.


2.1 The present promotional Campaign shall commence as of the effective date of the present General terms and Conditions and shall continue until the 1st of April 2022.


3.1 Each Merchant, which adheres to the definition of a “Participant” and is not barred for any other legal reason from participation in this Campaign, is able to participate in the latter.

3.2 In order to benefit from the present promotional campaign, during the campaign period Merchants should: 

  • purchase their first ‘myPOS Go’ product no later than the 1st of March 2022; and
  • acquire payments in the amount of at least 1 000 (one thousand) EUR no later than the 1st of April 2022, using the purchased ‘myPOS Go’ product.

3.3 In the event that Merchant successfully completes the steps provided for in the previous paragraph, myPOS shall reimburse to Merchant’s myPOS account 29 EUR as cashback.

3.4 Please note that Merchant can benefit from the cashback only once, since the promotion applies only to the first ‘myPOS Go’ product purchased within the campaign period. Merchant understands and agrees that Merchant is not entitled to receive cashback for any other purchased myPOS products during the Campaign.  

3.5 myPOS shall reimburse to the eligible Merchant the aforementioned sum by the 1st of May 2022 and shall inform the Merchant via e-mail of the successful cashback.

3.6 The Organizer shall not be liable in any way for any and all legal obligations which may arise from tax, social security or other similar legislation. Merchant shall remain entirely responsible for any such obligations.


4.1 The Organizer shall process the personal data in accordance with Regulation (EC) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 (“General Data Protection Regulation”), as well as any applicable national legislation. Detailed information on the purposes and legal basis for the processing of personal data; the categories of recipients of personal data; the period for which the personal data shall be stored; the rights of data subjects in relation to the processing of their personal data by the Organizer as well as information on how they can be exercised; contact details of the Data Protection Officer, and any other information which is required to be provided in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation to the data subjects is contained in the myPOS Privacy Policy.


5.1 The current General Terms and Conditions shall be made public and available throughout the Cashback Period on the Organizer’s website at


6.1 Any Participant who fails to meet any of the requirements, expressed in the definition of “Participant”, shall lose the right to participate in this Cashback.


7.1 The Organizer has the irrevocable right to terminate the Campaign at any time, by declaring this in accordance with Section 5 Publicity, in the event of circumstances beyond his control which hinder the Campaign’s further performance and cannot be eliminated by the Organizer.

7.2 The Organizer has the irrevocable right to terminate the Campaign at any time without notice to the Participants if he finds abuse or gross violation of the rules, in case of force majeure or for other objective reasons, including but not limited to material losses, an order of the competent state authorities for the suspension of the Cashback, and others. In the event of misuse, negligence, or violation of the General Terms by a Participant, the Organizer has the right to disqualify him.


8.1 The Organizer reserves the right, at his sole discretion, to amend and supplement the terms and conditions of this Campaign, and any changes shall be made public and available to all participants and users in accordance with Section 5 Publicity.

8.2 Any change in the terms of the Cashback Period shall be duly published on the official website

8.3 For the cases not settled by the current General Terms and Conditions the provisions of Bulgarian law shall apply. Any dispute, contradiction or claim arising out of or relating to the performance, interpretation, application or termination of the General Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the parties through mutual concessions. If the parties fail to settle their relations out of court, the relevant Bulgarian court is competent to resolve the dispute, in accordance with the Bulgarian legislation.

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