myPOS POS Stick 1.2m

240 .00RON

(excl. TVA)


Livrare (fără TVA)

15.00 RON
240.00 RON

The ingenious PinStick makes transactions at 1.5 metres safe, simple and fast. The lightweight aluminum extension pole has an adjustable clamp in which you can attach all myPOS payment terminals without tools. In addition, the supplied 'feet' can be mounted under the clamp. The extra-long handle ensures safe use, a good grip and comfortable support.
Safe, simple and fast pin-entry at 1.5 meters!
• Extension pole for remote pin-entry in "the new normal”
• Complies with all possible Coronavirus protocols of the RIVM.
• Extra safe and convenient on the patio, the market and drive-thrus.
• Compatible with all myPOS payment terminals.

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