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What is myPOS Glass?

myPOS Glass is a software POS app, or softPOS, that allows you to take payments via cards, mobile wallets and NFC wearable devices on your mobile phone.

You can get your money in seconds with a myPOS merchant account which comes with instant settlement.

There are no dongles, wires or extra hardware required - it's just a contactless payment app on your Android phone.

Getting paid on your phone is as simple as 1-2-3

  • Step 1

    Enter the purchase amount

  • Step 2

    Tap the client’s card on the back of your smartphone

  • Step 3

    Once payment is approved, funds are instantly deposited in your myPOS account

Step 1 Step 2 Step 2

Why choose myPOS Glass?

Glass printer functionality

Print paper receipts in real time

In addition to sending e-receipts to your customers, you can even print paper receipts and transactional reports. Just connect an external printer, which supports ESC/POS commands, using Bluetooth and start printing receipts for every payment or from your transaction record.

  • Pair your device to an external printer via Bluetooth
  • Set up the printer dpi, width and receipt configuration
  • Print paper receipts and reports whenever you want to

Accept contactless card payments via QR code

With myPOS Glass, your clients can also pay by simply scanning a QR code with the camera of their phones.

  • Step 1

    Enter the payment amount and tap on QR payment

  • Step 2

    Your client scans the generated QR code with their smartphone

  • Step 3

    They will be able to make a payment via a secure gateway page

  • Step 4

    The payment amount is instantly settled and reported in the myPOS Glass app

Step qr 1
Step qr 2
Step qr 3
Step qr 4

What makes myPOS Glass QR payments so easy?

  • QR codes expand the app’s usability, enabling you to accept more payment methods

  • They enable you to receive payments from card operators with non-NFC cards

  • Enjoy instant payout as with NFC cards

Glass qr cash register

Cash register mode to streamline your business operations!

In addition to being an innovative softPOS solution that helps you accept payments on your phone, the myPOS Glass app offers so much more! With a few taps on your phone, you can now:

  • Bring your portfolio of products straight to your customers
  • Select all products your customers want to buy and complete the checkout
  • Keep track of all sales, even those paid in cash
  • Show your products directly from your phone
  • Accept split, cash or mobile card payments - whichever way your customers want to pay
  • Maintain and manage product lists and inventories effortlessly
Glass qr order card

Order your Visa Platinum card straight from the myPOS Glass app

That’s right, our Platinum Silver, Gold and Metal contactless business card series is available for order right at your fingertips from your myPOS Glass app! What do you get with our Visa Platinum business card?

  • Higher and custom spending limits
  • Fixed cashback on every purchase made in myPOS Online Shop & every myPOS physical store, depending on your business card.
  • LoungeKey Pass for over 1000 business lounges in airports across the world
  • Apple Pay & Google Pay support for fast, convenient and secure payments
  • Free ATM withdrawals every month
  • 0.1% cashback on all card purchases
  • Free express delivery
  • And so much more!

Choose the pricing option that works best for you


Pay only when you get paid

  • No upfront commitment
  • No fixed costs
  • Cancel anytime


CHF /month

2.00% + 0.30 CHF

Transaction rate

First month free


Ideal for businesses with higher turnover

  • Fixed monthly subscription
  • Preferential transaction rate
  • Your first monthly fee is on us


CHF /month

1.50% + 0.30 CHF

Transaction rate

Try 1 month free

You can choose your preferred pricing option in the myPOS Glass app.

Just download the app and follow the steps.

Transaction fees


  • Domestic consumer Maestro cards

    2.00% + 0.30 CHF

  • Domestic consumer VPay cards

    2.00% + 1.00 CHF

  • Domestic, EEA and UK consumer and commercial cards
    (Visa, Mastercard, VPay, Maestro)

    3.00% + 0.05 CHF

  • All other consumer and commercial cards

    3.40% + 0.05 CHF

  • Card-Not-Present Transactions

    1.75% + 0.30 CHF


  • Domestic consumer Maestro cards

    1.50% + 0.30 CHF

  • Domestic consumer VPay cards

    1.50% + 1.00 CHF

  • Domestic, EEA and UK consumer and commercial cards
    (Visa, Mastercard, VPay, Maestro)

    2.50% + 0.05 CHF

  • All other consumer and commercial cards

    2.90% + 0.05 CHF

  • Card-Not-Present Transactions

    1.75% + 0.30 CHF

* For the full breakdown of our Card-Not-Present Transaction tariffs, please click here.

Fast and secure mobile payments on the go

myPOS takes security seriously and ensures that Glass meets all industry standards and mandatory specifications for maximum functionality and safety.

  • Meets the highest security standards, approved by Visa and Mastercard laboratories
  • No sensitive cardholder data is kept on the smartphone
  • Complies with PCI DSS regulations
Glass payment

The myPOS Glass payment app is ideal for

  • Freelancers

  • Delivery couriers

  • Food trucks

  • Independent consultants

  • Open and seasonal markets

  • Professionals on the go

Your questions answered

myPOS Glass works with a wide range of Android smartphones, the minimal version of which is 8.1. To find out some of the smartphones compatible with the app, check below (this is not the full list as newer devices get added along the way).

Galaxy S20 Ultra
Galaxy S20+
Galaxy S20
Galaxy Xcover Pro
Galaxy Note10 Lite
Galaxy S10 Lite
Galaxy A71
Galaxy A51
Galaxy A70s
Galaxy A20s
Galaxy M30s
Galaxy M10s
Galaxy A90
Galaxy A30s
Galaxy A50s
Galaxy Note10+
Galaxy Note10
Galaxy S10+
Galaxy S10
Galaxy S10e
Galaxy M40
Galaxy M30
Galaxy M20
Galaxy A80
Galaxy A70
Galaxy A60
Galaxy A50
Galaxy A40
Galaxy A30
Galaxy A20e
Galaxy A20
Galaxy A8s
Galaxy A6s
Galaxy A9(2018)
Galaxy A7(2018)
Galaxy Note9
Galaxy S9+
Galaxy S9
nova 7i
P smart Pro 2019
nova 6
nova 6 SE
nova 5z
Enjoy 10s
Enjoy 10
Enjoy 10 Plus
Mate 30 Pro
Mate 30
nova 5i Pro
nova 5T
nova 5
nova 5i
9 Prime (2019)
nova 5 Pro
Mate 20 X
Mate 20 Pro
Mate 20
P30 Pro
P30 lite
P20 Pro
nova 4e
Enjoy 9s
Mi 10 Pro
Mi 10
Redmi 8A
Poco X2
Redmi K30
Redmi Note 8T
Mi Note 10 Pro
Mi Note 10
Mi CC9 Pro
Mi 9 Pro
Redmi K20 Pro
Mi 9 Lite
Redmi Note 8 Pro
Mi CC9e
Mi CC9
Redmi Note 8
Mi 9T Pro
Mi 9T
Redmi K20
Redmi K20 Pro
Mi 9 SE
Mi 9
Pixel 4 XL
Pixel 4
Pixel 3a XL
Pixel 3 XL
Pixel 3
Pixel 2 XL
Pixel 2
V30 Pro
Play 3
20 Pro
20 Lite
View 20
Axon 10s Pro
Blade 20
nubia Red Magic 3s
nubia Z20
nubia X
nubia Red Magic 3
Axon 10 Pro
Axon 9 Pro
nubia Red Magic
Reno Ace
Reno3 Youth
Reno3 Pro
Reno A
Reno2 F
Reno2 Z
Reno Z
Reno 10x zoom
Xperia 5
Xperia 1
Xperia 10 Plus
Xperia XZ3
V50S ThinQ
G8X ThinQ
W30 Pro
V50 ThinQ
G8S ThinQ
G8 ThinQ
V40 ThinQ
V30S ThinQ
G7 ThinQ
V35 ThinQ
G7 One
G7 Fit
7T Pro
X30 Pro
iQOO Neo 855
V17 Pro
iQOO Pro
K10 Note
Z6 Pro
Z6 Youth

Before proceeding with the transaction, double check that the card used to make the payment is contactless. The contactless symbol on it means that you will be able to accept mobile payments with the myPOS Glass app. Also ensure the card you are processing is a Visa or Mastercard.

Make sure that the customer's card is always held against the back of your smartphone so that it can be read correctly. The card should only be removed from the back of the phone once the dots on your screen have fully loaded and after an audible signal confirms successful payment.

Your smartphone has an NFC sensor on the back that lets you make contactless card payments. To get paid, simply hover or tap the card on the back of your phone and you're all set!

While setting up the myPOS Glass payment app, you'll be able to find the exact location of the NFC sensor on your phone by tapping More -> Additional Settings -> Find NFC reader.

You are able to accept all contactless EMV-based debit, credit and prepaid cards by Visa and Mastercard. What’s more is that you’ll also be able to receive payments with mobile wallets and NFC wearables.

One of the most attractive and competitive offerings myPOS provides is instant settlement of funds. This means that as a myPOS merchant, your funds will be available seconds after the transaction.

While myPOS Glass currently works with Visa and Mastercard for NFC contactless cards, you can still accept payments through your phone via the QR code functionality. With the QR code payments, other than the usual Visa and Mastercard, you can accept AMEX, Union Pay, Bancontact, JCB payments, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

A QR code is easy to generate as you simply need to type in the required amount, tap the QR code function on your phone, and once generated, the code can be scanned by your client. They will then be taken to a secure page in order to complete the transaction. Once this is done, your payment will be settled in your free merchant account instantly.

Yes, you can with our new QR code payments. Simply enter the sum and generate a QR code - from there, your customer needs to scan the code from your phone. He’ll be taken to a secure online payments page where they need to enter their card details and complete the payment. Once complete, the money will be instantly settled in your account and visible in the myPOS Glass app.

To resolve this issue, try to locate the Near Field Communication (NFC) chip on the back of your phone and hold the card against this chip until you see and hear a signal that the payment has been successful. Also make sure that the card is contactless as only contactless cards can be accepted through your smartphone. An alternative would be to accept the payment via the QR code payment.

To accept online payments, simply generate a Payment Request from the “more” menu and send the link via email, chat or SMS. Your customer will be then be taken to a secure payments page to complete the payment, making it easier than ever for you to accept even remote payments smoothly and securely.

For standard Payment Requests, which can be sent to your clients via chat, email or SMS, you can check the status of the payment in your myPOS account or in your myPOS Glass app under the “More - Payment Requests” menu. There are different statuses of Payment Requests, namely seen, pending, paid, cancelled, etc. For QR codes which you’ve generated via your myPOS Glass app, you will be able to see the payment right away on your phone and account as these payments are done with the client on your side. The payments will be visible under the “Activity” tab and in the Payment Requests menu.

A myPOS account is a business IBAN account, which is offered to myPOS merchants in the EEA, UK & Switzerland. It is one of the free value-added offerings that merchants can enjoy in addition to the free and instant settlement of funds offered by myPOS.

As a myPOS merchant, you also get a free standard business card with which you can proceed to utilise your funds, although you can also take advantage of our prestigious and luxurious Platinum range of Silver, Gold and Metal business cards. Available in multiple currencies, your free myPOS account can help your business grow.

You can choose between two pricing options.


This plan gives you complete freedom as you pay only when you get paid. It comes with:

  • No upfront commitment
  • No fixed costs
  • Cancel anytime


Тhis plan offers you preferential transaction rates against a small monthly subscription fee. It is Ideal for businesses with higher turnover. In addition, your first monthly subscription fee is absolutely FREE to enable you to take full advantage of our myPOS Glass service!


  • Preferential transaction rate
  • Fixed monthly subscription fee
  • Your first monthly fee is on us

You can choose your preferred pricing option in the myPOS Glass app. Just download the app and follow the steps. For a full pricing breakdown, please visit the myPOS Glass webpage.

You can send an electronic receipt to the customer by either emailing them or sending them their receipt via SMS. Choose the most convenient option for your customer and be accountable for each sale you make.

Yes! An increasingly popular method of accepting payments, sensory and sonic branding with Visa and Mastercard, respectively, will be available on your myPOS Glass app. Creating a memorable payment experience for your customers, you can also take advantage of some of the value-added perks of sonic branding for your business.

As a registered and licensed institution, we have the responsibility to ensure that we follow the correct onboarding procedures for new merchants. When signing up for the myPOS Glass app and in order for it to work properly, the app will ask you to enable access to three sets of data from your Android smartphone:

  • Photos, media & files: such data is required for accurate account identification and verification, especially if you do not have an account with myPOS yet.
  • Make & manage phone calls: this information is needed for proper account identification. In some cases, this will be necessary to initiate the process of online identification, especially in case where you do not have an account with myPOS yet.
  • Device location: this is used for the correct processing of payments. The myPOS service is bound and licensed within the EEA, and it is our responsibility to ensure that your device and scope of business operations fall within the borders of the EEA.

The myPOS Glass app has been exclusively developed for merchants, business professionals or companies who sign up for a merchant account with myPOS in order to continue trading and accept seamless payments. We support sole traders, individuals who are self-employed, freelancers, private limited liability companies, public companies, partnerships (as well as the local European equivalents). Тhere are a small number of industries we currently don't support, such as FX speculators, weapons and arms dealers, non-regulated charities, companies with bearers shares and others. Please check our Acceptance Policy in the Legal section here.

Take card payments on your phone with myPOS Glass