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3 ways of accepting online payments without a website

We are all feeling the discomfort of the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses are massively restricting their operations or temporarily closing their doors due to restrictions on physical contact. Naturally, small and micro businesses are in the most vulnerable position, as they actually represent more than 90% of all businesses in the economy.

Is there a way to continue offering your products and services and get paid remotely? Fortunately, we have never before been in a better position to rely on the Internet and payment technologies, so that we can both communicate with our customers and get paid – where the nature of the business allows for this.

So, how do I accept payments from my customers online?

We know of 3 little known about ways to accept online payments from your customers without starting an online store or website.


At myPOS, we are fully aware that the vast majority of retailers, freelancers or people selling handmade products cannot afford to devote any resources and create a website right from the start of the business life cycle.

With that in mind, we wanted to come up with a quick and inexpensive way to help them accept card payments, without an initial investment and the need to create a website. After some intensive brainstorming, we created an extremely useful payment tool called PayLink.

The main advantage of a PayLink is that you can create one directly from your myPOS account online. It takes a few simple steps to create your own link, leading to a secure page where customers fill in their personal and card information to make a payment.

Who is it suitable for?

A PayLink is useful when ordering goods and services online, which should subsequently be delivered.

You can send a link to virtually any internet connection and get paid from anywhere in the world. Borders no longer matter when it comes to payments.

Accept payments online, no website needed!

With your free myPOS account you can use Payment request, PayLink, PayButton and more to accept remote payments.

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We’ve all seen those blue buttons on websites, Facebook pages and emails, right? You can create such a cleanly designed button in less than 6 clicks in your myPOS account. PayButton works just like PayLink, but it has the advantage of attracting greater customer attention. One click is enough to allow your customers to buy the product and pay for it.

Where is it used?

The PayButton can be used on websites, social media, e-newsletters and more. For example, it can promote a specific product or service with a call to action “Buy Now.”

Payment Request

It is very similar to a PayLink, but there are some differences.

First, you can create a Payment Request link from your myPOS account, mobile app or myPOS terminal. Unlike PayLinks, which are used repeatedly for different customers, a Payment Request is a custom link i.e. it is created for a specific customer, for a specific amount and is used once until the customer pays the amount.

Who is it suitable for?

This is a great tool for getting advance payments, deposits for events and products, as well as paying for services which are provided online.

Each Payment Request is valid for 30 days and you can monitor its status, so that you know whether it is paid, pending or expired.

This gives you the opportunity to request payments from your customers or business partners, regardless of their physical location.

What happens next?

No matter which of the abovementioned myPOS online payment tools you choose, the money arrives in your electronic myPOS account immediately and can be used instantly with the free-of-charge myPOS business debit card.

The benefits are two-sided as your customers pay within a minute without worrying about security. On the other hand, you take advantage of all the benefits that online payments can offer, without the hassle of creating your own payment module, collecting and processing sensitive information or even paying for a website.

PayLinks, PayButtons and Payment Requests are available to all myPOS customers!

Take the current difficulties as an opportunity to expand your clientele and choose the most appropriate tool for accepting online payments now.

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