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Our per-transaction fee consists of a percentage of the transaction amount varying across payment methods plus a small fixed fee.

for Card Present Transactions

Fees applied for payments on a POS terminal

Domestic and EEA consumer cards

1.10% + £0.07

Per transaction

American Express

2.45% + £0.07

Per transaction

All other consumer and commercial cards

2.85% + £0.07

Per transaction

for Card-Not-Present Transactions

Fees applied for online payments

Domestic Consumer cards

1.30% + £0.15

Per transaction

American Express

2.50% + £0.15

Per transaction

All other consumer and commercial cards

2.90% + £0.15

Per transaction

MO/TO payments

Online payment fee + 0.5%

Per transaction

Please note that the content in this table only displays a concise summary of our tariffs.
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Your questions answered

A consumer card is a card issued by a bank or financial institution, which will be used in an individual’s personal capacity and not in their capacity as a business owner. Such cards are not linked to business or merchant accounts.

A commercial card is issued by a bank or financial institution to a merchant who owns/runs a business. Such cards are typically linked to a business or merchant account with a dedicated IBAN.

This is a card that is issued in the merchant's country of operation.

EEA stands for European Economic Area and it includes all the member states of the European Union and three countries of the European Free Trade Association - Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. EEA cards are therefore cards issued in these member states, while non-EEA cards are those cards, which are issued outside this group of member states. Following Brexit, card schemes like Visa and Mastercard revised the interchange rates applicable between the UK and the EEA. As a result of the card schemes’ decision, myPOS charges the EEA card-not-present transactions of UK* merchants as non-EEA.

* For the purpose of defining the interchange fee by the Card Organisations, the UK includes Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man and Gibraltar.

A card-not-present transaction occurs when you sell your products or services online, you accept payments on your website or you accept distant payments such as a Payment Request. You are charged a card-not-present transaction in this scenario.

A card present transaction is when your customer physically hands you their card at your store, café, restaurant etc. and you process the transaction on your POS device. You will be charged card present fees in this case.

Our transaction fees are structured in two different ways: they are either a fixed percentage only or they have two components (a percentage fee and a fixed fee). For example: 2.25% only or 1.20% + 0.05 EUR. Kindly note that transaction fees will vary depending on the payment methods you use.

A MO/TO payment on your POS device is a type of card-not-present transaction where you receive your customer’s card details via phone or email and you manually enter these details on your POS device in order to process the payment.

A MO/TO payment via a MO/TO Virtual Terminal takes place when this functionality is used via your myPOS account to process MO/TO transactions when your customers are physically far away from you.

We accept Visa and Mastercard brands - Visa Electron, V Pay and Maestro including all local debit/prepaid/credit cards issued by them.