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4 advantages of a Smart payment terminal and how it can help your business

These days it seems like every piece of technology is Smart – you browse social media on your smartphone while streaming Netflix on your smart TV, before going out to get a perfectly chilled drink from your smart fridge. Hey, some of you might even be doing that in a smart house, after arriving there in a smart car! Seems like everything is smart these days, huh? But, of course, we all know that’s a good thing. While the term seems everywhere these days, we know for a fact that regardless if it’s a phone, TV, house or something different, if it’s “smart”, it’ll come with many extra features compared to its “dumb” counterpart.

What about payment terminals, though? With everything going “smart”, it makes sense that POS devices would eventually grow brains too. In fact, myPOS is currently offering two of them, the myPOS Smart and myPOS Smart N5. But what exactly makes them “smart”? What advantages are there to owning one of these terminals as opposed to any other?

Let’s dive into the wonderful world of these advanced devices and find out!

Here are 4 advantages exclusive to Smart terminals that can help you grow your business:

1. AppMarket Lets You Download Apps For Your Business.

If you have a smartphone (and chances are you do), you already know that probably its best feature is the ability to go into their respective store and download various apps, some of which are paid, but many of them free. You can download a lot of games and fun stuff, sure, but a lot of the apps are extremely useful, improving the functionality of your basic device in ways that its manufacturers probably didn’t intend at all! For example, did you know that you could turn your phone into a scanner for documents and photos, or use it to unlock your computer with your fingerprint?

Similarly, a good “smart” POS terminal should allow users to download apps which can further increase their functionality. How about a cash register, or maybe some management software? Luckily, with the myPOS Smart and myPOS Smart N5, you can do just that! Both terminals come with access to the AppMarket – a unique marketplace where users can download apps to further enhance the functionalities of the device, and subsequently their business workflow. All apps are free to download and may help you in ways you haven’t even imagined! The only downside is that there aren’t any games on the AppMarket yet, but may fix that glaring problem soon enough.

2. You Can Develop Your Own Apps Too.

There are currently dozens of apps on the AppMarket which cover pretty much every industry out there and aim to satisfy a wide variety of merchant needs. But we get it – every business is unique, every merchant has their own goals and needs their own means to achieve them. So claiming that the AppMarket can satisfy every merchant desire right off the bat is ridiculous… But it could! If there’s some kind of functionality that you absolutely need for your business, you can go ahead and develop it yourself! The Smart terminals run on Android, just like most smartphones, which means that developing for a terminal isn’t that different than developing for a phone. And, after some QA on our part, we’d be happy to upload your app to the AppMarket, allowing you and other myPOS merchants to download it on every Smart terminal they own instantly – even if they’re spread across all corners of the world! That way, you can turn any and all Smart terminals you own into exactly the devices you need!

3. They’re Packed with Traditional Functionalities Too.

When we say that the Smart terminals are our most powerful devices yet, we don’t just mean that they’re the smartest. It also means that their hardware is the best it could possibly be – they’re packed with a staggering memory. Similarly, Smart devices are bragging with an amazing quad-core processor.

If those numbers are completely meaningless to you, just know that the myPOS Smart and myPOS Smart N5 are really, really fast, and can handle pretty much anything you throw at them and then some. In addition, they also both come with all of the features that you’d find in other myPOS terminals, such as a thermal paper printer, two cameras, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity and etc. Anything a terminal can do, Smart can do better!

4. They’re Easy to Use.

Do you remember back when you used a “dumb” cell phone? You must be full of fond memories of going through 3-4 menus in order to reach that one ringtone you were looking for, or very slowly typing on a keypad by pressing a key several times in order to input one symbol! Yes, it seems hard to believe that we somehow survived without our wonderful smartphones, where all of the apps we need are right there on our menu screen and we can access anything we need with just 2-3 taps. Sadly, a lot of POS terminals are stuck in the “old” era, relying on a keypad and a few buttons for input. Which works totally fine for the most part, but in this day and age it does have a certain learning curve before it can be fully used. The merchant using the terminal needs to know exactly how to navigate the menu to access each feature, and when sending a Payment Request typing out the client’s name on a keypad isn’t the easiest process ever.

Luckily, Smart terminals excel here too! Since they run on Android, their user interface is very similar to your phone. You no longer need to remember which menu you need to navigate into in order to access the Payment Request or GiftCard functionalities, you can just tap on their respective apps right there on the main screen! That way you don’t need to spend too much time training employees on how to accept electronic payments, and at the same time you don’t need to waste your customers’ time, you can access any functionality they could possibly request within seconds!


Many businesses, especially smaller ones, may not feel like it’s worth the investment – which is perfectly fine and we understand it completely! However, we also believe that every business will benefit greatly from having its very own Smart terminal, bringing the business into the next level!

You already know how powerful and innovative these terminals are – now it’s up to you to take that step! While you’re enjoying the benefits of your smartphone, smart TV and smart car, maybe consider buying a smart card machine and making your business Smart as well.

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