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5 Best Services myPOS Offers

Chances are that the main thing that attracted you to myPOS is, well, the POS solution that we offer – our terminals are affordable, multi-functional and very convenient, allowing you to accept payments whenever you want, wherever you are, all without paying a cent in monthly or annual fees. But those terminals come packed in with a variety of features, some of which can be accessed from the terminal, while others from the Merchant Account you register to activate your device. Maybe those extra features aren’t why you became a myPOS client, but that’s okay! Think of it as getting a curly fry in your order of fries – you didn’t ask for it, but it’s really cool that it’s there!

But which fries are the curliest in your imaginary plate? Which of the additional services that myPOS offers as part of our complete payments solution is the best? Naturally, every business will have its own needs, and it’s pretty much impossible for us to objectively list a service as #1 when it may not be at all useful to many merchants. That’s why, unlike our other lists this year, this one will not be a top 5. Instead, we encourage you to come up with your own ranking for these services. These are the 5 myPOS extra services that we personally feel are the most unique, interesting and helpful!

Online Payment Services

There’s really no better example of the flexibility that myPOS offers than the range of online payment services we offer. Many of our merchants may not be aware of this, but it’s actually very easy to accept payments not only in person, on the POS terminal, but also through various online channels! Have a website? You can implement Pay Buttons into it, interactive “Buy Now” buttons which, once clicked, will take your client to a secure screen where they can input their payment information and purchase a particular item that you’ve got on sale, or pre-pay for some kind of service.

Don’t have a website? Fear not, because you can simply create a PayLink that serves the exact same purpose, and while it may not be as pretty, the fact that it’s just a link means you can put it virtually anywhere that supports text input. If you advertise yourself on social media, on a blog, or even just on an IM service like Skype or Discord, you can easily implement a PayLink and let your clients pay you with a click. And if you need to accept payment from a specific client you can send them a payable receipt through our unique Payment Request option!

All of these online payment services are connected to your Merchant Account, meaning that if you own a POS terminal, you’ll receive the funds from both it and your online links in the same business card! And if you don’t have a device, no worries, you can still make an account and accept payments online at no additional charge, beyond our usual fees!

MO/TO; Virtual Terminal

In the era of smartphones, it seems almost impossible to encounter someone who doesn’t have a smart device in their pockets at all times. So while you’d ordinarily send a Payment Request to a client who needs to pay for a service or product without being physically present, what happens when that client, prefers using an old fashion cell phone, and doesn’t currently have access to their e-mail inbox?

All joking aside, it’s actually very possible to end up in a situation where it’s difficult to accept an online payment, especially if you’re a hotel or some other kind of business that occasionally deals with emergency/unplanned payments from your customers. That’s why some of our merchants can gain access to MO/TO (Mail Order Telephone Order), or, as we prefer to call it, a Virtual Terminal. The function works just like a regular payment terminal, except instead of requiring the card to be present all the merchant needs to do is input its information (card number, cardholder name, etc) into the terminal and, with the customer’s consent, charge them remotely. This isn’t a feature that many businesses will need to use daily, but for those who need it, it can be an invaluable tool in their payment arsenal!

Shopping Cart Integrations

Imagine your favorite online store – could be a place where you buy clothes, maybe one for jeweler or perhaps for video games. Whatever the case, chances are that you don’t simply purchase and pay for items one at a time, and instead need to add those to a virtual shopping cart and finally “check out”, paying for all items in one fell swoop. If you’re a merchant and have your own online store, it’s only natural that you’d want your shop to be as functional as those found in your most frequented shops. You could add PayButtons for your items, but that only allows you to purchase one item at a time. So what can you do? Can merchants with a bigger online presence accept payment with myPOS online?

myPOS™ virtual payment gateway POS terminal

Of course, they can! Integrations with shopping carts like Magento, OpenCart, WooCommerce, etc. are at your reach. They each look and work differently, and at this point it’s really up to personal preference which one is implemented to serve as a shopping cart solution. We figured that it would be best to give you the chance to implement myPOS Checkout into your e-commerce platform using the shopping cart of choice! This way you can retain the functionality of your store, while also ensuring that your clients have access to the state-of-the-art security that myPOS Checkout offers, all while instantly receiving payments into your myPOS account!

Private Label GiftCards

Back in the day, if a store offered the ability to buy a gift card, that was a signified prestige! Gift cards (cards with pre-loaded amounts on them that you could purchase for friends and allow them to use those amounts to buy items in the store) were reserved only for the biggest stores, the ones that could afford them. But things have changed in the last few decades, and now any business working with myPOS can have their own, custom-branded gift cards! Yes, any business!

A large hotel/spa chain? myPOS has your back, allowing you to sell GiftCards behind the counter so that your customers can gift their friends and loved ones a night or two of vacation, relaxation and spa treatment!

A small hand-made jewelry store? Keep a deck of GiftCards with your store’s name on them in a drawer somewhere and let your clients buy them for their family and friends – purchases that can be redeemed at any point!

How to grow your sales with Private Label Giftcards

It may sound complicated, but honestly, the process is far easier than it seems. Once you’re a registered myPOS merchant, you can customize your own GiftCard with a design of your choosing and your store’s name. Once you’ve settled on their appearance, you can order empty GiftCards in packs, which will be delivered to your address. And the reason why those cards are empty is that, unlike the Gift Cards you can buy at big chains which have set values, your cards can contain any amount your customers need. You can load the amounts your clients nees, using your myPOS terminal, which has this functionality in its menu.

Yep, the private label GiftCards myPOS offers are just as good as those offered by the big players, and in some ways even better! And ultimately, giving small businesses a leg up is exactly what myPOS is all about!


Top-up is definitely one of our most unique services, and one that we worked the hardest to implement for one simple reason – it allows our merchants to… well, to put it bluntly, earn extra money. Yes, we realize that it sounds too good to be true, but let us explain! The top-up service allows you to top-up minutes for pre-paid phones, allowing their owner to continue making calls with them – think of it as selling pre-paid phone vouchers without the vouchers! We’re working with hundreds of mobile operators across the world, allowing you to sell minutes to customers no matter where you are, and, more importantly, where your client is from. It’s the operator that performs the service, and just for completing the transaction you’ll gain a percentage from the sale! Like we said – free money!

recharge prepaid services from your payment terminal

Now, pre-paid phones aren’t as popular as they used to be, after all. But they’re still incredibly useful for tourists who prefer to avoid exorbitant roaming fees by purchasing a pre-paid card in the country they’re in, thus budgeting their communications expenses during their trip. Using Top-Up is cheaper for tourists than buying a brand new, pre-paid card, so if your business deals with tourists in any way (for example if you own a hotel/B&B, or maybe a taxi service or a souvenir shop) you can easily advertise it as an extra service you’re offering to anyone who needs it!

We’re extremely proud of Top-Up, as it’s not only a brand new way to earn revenue, but also proof of what myPOS can achieve in the future. Right now, we’re focused on creating a full, comprehensive payment acceptance solution, but who knows what surprising new services and features the future has in store for us? Hmm, guess you’re going to have to come back together for the final part of our blog series to find out!

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