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5 Great Things Our Clients Say About Us

myPOS, like pretty much any company, would be nothing without its clients – after all, how can we help your business grow if there is no business? Indeed, keeping our merchants satisfied is our utmost priority, which is why we always do our best to help them out, providing them with on-point support and with services relevant to their business regardless of their industry. But how do we know whether we’re doing a good job? How could we possibly tell whether our services are good enough, or we’re just completely off the mark in regards to what merchants want? Well, it’s quite simple – we ask directly!

Every once in a while, we contact merchants and ask for their honest impressions of myPOS. What do they like most? What could be improved? How has myPOS helped their business grow? We choose a variety of merchants from various different countries and operating in vastly different industries, hoping to get different viewpoints about how we’re doing. And we did! Here are 5 different things that our merchants have said about us:

5. A Swiss Restaurant Loves the Affordability of the Service

Switzerland is a notoriously expensive country to live in – when rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in an inexpensive district can cost you over 1000 euro per month, and even just an ordinary meal at a restaurant sets you back 100 euro, you know that the standard of living can get pretty high. The same goes for POS solutions, which can get unbearably expensive for small businesses, which means that they either need to take a big loss just to take card payments, or completely forego any kind of digital payment solution, losing out on sales from clients that want to pay with their card. Obviously neither solution is ideal, and the loss of income from either can put an up-and-coming business under before it even has a chance to shine.


That’s the exact predicament that the management of Takinoa – a small chain of Swiss restaurants – needed to get out of. “Cashless payments here are very common, however local financial services are expensive and can even appear exclusive in the eye of a starting or financially stretched company,” a representative of the restaurant told myPOS. That’s when they came across myPOS – a solution with no binding contracts, no monthly or annual fees, no charge for “renting” a device. The POS terminals Takinoa purchased were theirs to own forever, and the only fees they paid were deducted from the transactions they processed, ensuring that myPOS would never put them in the red no matter what. “myPOS gives us the strategic advantage, that has been helping us grow from day one,” the Takinoa management admitted.

4. A Beer Brewer Adores the Portability of Devices

Most POS terminals provided from banks are anything but portable – they need to be in an area with strong Wi-Fi to complete the sale, and sometimes they even need to be constantly plugged in, lacking batteries of their own or any kind of standalone cash register functionality (meaning they need to be connected to the in-store cash register). This works great for things such as hotels or retail, but what happens when you need to take your terminal outside? How do you even do deliveries when many businesses prefer to pay with a card, and your card reader is eternally shackled to your store?

That was the problem faced by Nik Lemmens and Scott Williams of “The Belgian Brewer” – a small UK brewery dedicated to crafting authentic Belgian beer for a British audience. At first, Scott and Nik merely sold to friends, but it wasn’t long before they grew enough to start supplying stores, bars and other establishments. And, given that many of these establishments had to pay with a card so they could track their expenses, that left the Belgian Brewer out of luck… Or did it? Fortunately, most of the terminals myPOS offers are completely portable, even coming with a free DATA card with unlimited data so that transactions can be performed virtually anywhere, even without access to Wi-Fi! Not to mention, the terminals are fully standalone (unlike those offered by competitors, which often need to be connected to phones or tablets), which means they can be turned off and only used when necessary. “Being able to take payment anywhere, without a subscription is fantastic,” Scott said. “I don’t have to link it to my iPhone, and so don’t worry all day about my phone battery dying.” Now Scott and Nik can accept payment for their awesome Belgian beer anytime, anywhere, all without the risk of battery failure midway through!

3. A Beauty Studio Owner is Impressed by the Mini

Beauty services aren’t really considered “essential” the way, say, retail or taxi is, and so they’re typically used by men and women who can afford them. Those men and women, coincidentally or not, tend to prefer paying with their cards rather than with cash. And yet it’s a bit surprising just how many beauty studios, especially in smaller countries, refuse to accept card payments. And given the fact that, traditionally, beauty services are paid for after the services have already been rendered, that can lead to a lot of awkward situations, usually containing some variation of the words “I need to run to an ATM”. And we’re guessing neither the client nor the merchant has a good time when that happens.


Well, the manager of beauty studio “Addict” had enough of this. Her salon was small, and she couldn’t really afford much – the monthly fees for “renting” a POS terminal that most banks have were certainly out of the question. But then she saw the myPOS Mini, one of the most affordable POS terminals on the market. Choosing to purchase it, she likely didn’t expect much from such a small device – but needless to say, the tiny terminal surpassed her expectations with flying colors! “I’d recommend myPOS to all my co-workers in the industry, and not just them,” she said. “[The myPOS Mini] is extremely convenient, functional and I wouldn’t replace it for anything in the world!” Not hard to see why she was so enamored with the pocket-sized device – it satisfies pretty much every payment need “Addict” could have, and it fits in the palm of your hand!

2. A Restaurant Owner Can’t Live Without the Mobile App

Restaurants are a highly dynamic business – whether you’re in the red or in the black for the week often changes from moment to moment depending on ingredients you need to stock, how many customers you have on a particular day, how many tips your waiters have, and, if you’ve got more than one location, how the siblings of your restaurant are doing. It can be almost impossible to keep track of everything until you pull out the big accounting books and crunch the numbers. But what if you could have a mobile app that does it for you, in real time?

The manager of Bodega, a famous Spanish-food restaurant chain in Bulgaria, originally bought terminals for the restaurant locations just so he could satisfy his customers’ need to pay for their meals electronically, with their cards or phones. But he quickly discovered that this favorite feature is the mobile app, which allows him to monitor the earnings and expenses of all of his restaurants in the palm of his hands. ‘’Via the mobile app I can follow in real time transactions happening in the Varna restaurant while I’m at one of our Sofia locations’’, Bodega’s manager said, sharing a similar sentiment to the online merchant account which features similar information, but accessible through a computer. Thanks to myPOS, Bodega – and thousands of other businesses – were able to leave the dusty accounting books behind and monitor their income and expenses across the nation in real time, from anywhere.

1. A Taxi Company Relies on Instant Settlement & Business Card

We all know how payment transfers usually go, right? Once the client has paid, transferring money from their card or bank account, the bank will look through the money, make sure it’s all fine and dandy, admire it for a bit, maybe add it to their vault for a few days so they can swim in it like Uncle Scrooge, and only then maybe they’ll send it to your own account. Well, the thing is, myPOS settlements aren’t like that one bit. When you receive a payment, you get it instantly – as in, almost as soon as the customer swipes their card. This may not sound like a huge deal to you, but for some businesses it means the difference between profit and loss.

Take, for example, Yellow Taxi – a popular taxi company whose drivers have all been equipped with myPOS terminals. The immediate benefit was obvious – clients could now pay for their rides with their cards instead of wondering whether they have enough cash on them or not. But it wasn’t long before drivers discovered instantly is just how convenient the instant settlement and the free business card are. ‘’One of the things that I like the most about myPOS is that I can use the money I have received immediately – either to pay for everyday expenses like getting gas or at any ATM machine whenever I need cash,” a driver shared with us. No longer having to spend their own money for gas, car wash and other business expenses, drivers can now simply pay with the electronic currency they’ve earned from their job – even if it was earned just fifteen minutes ago.

These are just a few of the stories our merchants have shared with us over the last five years. What are yours? Feel free to share them at!

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