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5 Things We Hope to Bring You in the Next 5 Years

It’s kind of hard to believe that it’s been five years since we went on this incredible journey together, a journey over which we helped thousands of merchants all across the EEA, processed millions of payments, expanded our solution to be as universal as possible and opened numerous stores in major European cities. But did anyone seriously assume that we’d stop there? This is just the first chapter of our journey, and now, in the last part of our anniversary celebration which previously looked at the past and present of myPOS, let’s take an exclusive peek at our future and see what surprises the next five pages of the myPOS story might bring you!

5. More Terminals

Was there really any doubt that we’d be expanding our portfolio of credit card machines? We’re very proud with the five models that are currently available, but, well, that’s what we believed before we introduced the Smart and Smart N5 models too, and those quickly became our favorite, most advanced models ever! This teaches a valuable lesson: We can always do better, reach new markets and give our merchants what we’re all about – the flexibility to run their business their own way, however they see fit!

In just a few days we are going to release the myPOS Go, our most affordable terminal yet (even beating out the previous champion myPOS Mini), designed to be a great start for merchants who wish to accept card payments with a dedicated device at the smallest cost possible. Later this year we’ll also release the myPOS Hub and myPOS Hub+ – dedicated cash register/POS terminal combo that you can already try out in many of our stores found all across Europe! Oh, and speaking of stores…

4. More Stores

When you want to buy a TV you go to an electronics store and try out several models to take a look at their picture quality, features and screen size in person, without having to guess if a particular model is right for you. So if that’s true for TVs, why can’t it also be true for POS terminals? With that logic, we opened five different stores in major European cities (such as London, Amsterdam, Sofia, Milan and Barcelona), allowing merchants in the region to come in, check out the devices, see a hands-on demonstration and then maybe decide if they want to commit to a purchase. The natural flaw with that plan is that, well, if you live far from a store you’re out of luck. What if you live in Paris? The closest shops to you are in entirely different countries! We are pleased to let you know that we’ll continue open more stores, and while it may be impossible to have a store in every city, we’re dedicated to opening at least one in every country! By the time our sixth birthday rolls around we’ll have stores in Paris, Zurich and Antwerp, and hopefully when our 10th anniversary hits we’ll have at least one location in every European country!

3. More Services

In-app Payments – Fast, Easy and Secure with myPOS Mobile Checkout

Throughout our lifetime, we’ve always strived to provide more than our competitors – more services, more payment acceptance methods, more devices, more ways to allow your business to grow. That goal of ours will absolutely not change in 2019, or throughout the years following it. We pay close attention to the financial market, and whenever we spot a new innovation that we think our customers can really use, we’ll be sure to implement it into our solution! We’ve done that before many times, bringing you services such as GiftCards and PayLinks because we saw the potential in them and knew that our clients could really use them in order to increase their revenue. But we’ve also developed numerous solutions which are unique on the POS market, such as the Payment Request, which allows you to bill a customer even if they’re on the other side of the world, sending the amount straight to your myPOS account as soon as the payment is completed. Probably our proudest achievement is the App Market, a service available on our Smart line of devices which lets you download custom apps to your terminal to add new features on it. But the App Market is just the beginning! In the future, we’ll remain just as committed to giving you more and more services that you can use to help your business grow! But of course, that doesn’t mean we’ll neglect the aforementioned AppMarket…

2. More Apps

Right now, the AppMarket is definitely very useful for certain industries – it has various cash register and loyalty program apps, and also specialized tools to assist some businesses, for example taxis. But it has the potential to be so much more! Imagine any feature that you could possibly need for your company, and chances are that it can be created as an app. Remember that the Smart line of terminals all run on Android-based software, so just like you can transform your phone into whatever you want, from a gaming machine into a sound mixing station, you can also turn your POS terminal into a powerful tool to assist your business endeavors! And if you don’t really have the technical know-how, don’t worry – chances are that somebody else who does will create the app and make it available to everyone! Yes, throughout 2019 – and onward – we will continue to create our own apps, and even if we didn’t, the talented and creative developers that we work with could surely pick up the slack!

1. More Leadership

myPOS is always moving forward, always changing, always developing. Some of those changes are in line with what we’ve done in the past. Others, however, seem completely extraordinary. After all, if we go back just a few years, who could have guessed that we’d open even one store, let alone so many across Europe? Who could have imagined that we’d pave the way forward for POS devices with our Smart terminals, or that we’d offer so many different services? It is our belief that we shouldn’t announce anything until it’s ready. But we promise, new innovations are definitely coming. In the next five years, you’ll see even more products proudly bearing the myPOS name, even more possibilities for both our business and yours, even more things that you didn’t even think were possible. We’re determined to try anyway, because myPOS means always going one step ahead in the world of payment acceptance.

Happy 5th birthday, myPOS! Here’s to 5 more years of helping businesses grow!

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