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6 ways myPOS influenced the fintech industry and empowered thousands of SMEs around Europe

February may be the shortest month of the year but for us, it is one filled with a lot of excitement. This year, February will mark our 6th anniversary! And what better occasion to truly remember what really drives us in everything we do and motivates us to move forward in the fintech industry.

For us, the answer is inclusive affordable empowering innovations.

We’d like to use the occasion to remind you of at least 6 ways in which myPOS has not only changed the lives of thousands of SME owners in the last 6 years but also made an important contribution to the fintech industry as recognised by Agustin Rubini in his latest book “Fintech Founders: Inspiring tales from the entrepreneurs that are changing finance”, where myPOS founder and CEO, Christo Georgiev, was featured as one of the 70 most influential fintech founders.

1. A business-in-a-box solution

From the start, we were committed to providing our clients with a unique solution that has the ability to encompass every payment need into a unified offering. No dependency on numerous partners, no problems with tracking and control, no need to wait for ages or have to pay additionally for every extra service. And that’s exactly what we offer today – a unified business-in-a-box solution.

Our POS payment devices remain the reason why most merchants get in touch with us. However, becoming our client opens the doors to so much more! A free debit card, free merchant account, access to a myPOS app – it’s all in the package. Owning a merchant account also provides access to a range of cool online payment acceptance features that come to you at no extra charge.

2. Instant payout at no extra charge

The fintech industry is rapidly evolving and continuously offering solutions that were previously difficult to even imagine. For instance, have you ever imagined what it would be like having access to your money immediately after taking a card payment?

We take pride in bringing instant payout to the table, making business operations easier than ever. And when we say instant, we mean it! Merchants no longer have to wait for days, not even hours, before being able to use received funds to re-invest in their business. We’ve created myPOS with the small merchants in mind and we know how important cash flow management is for the daily business operations. With myPOS, the received money is available in your merchant account in a matter of seconds. And no, you don’t have to pay extra!

3. Free debit card in the package

What’s a payment solution without a business card? myPOS clients receive a free business debit card that allows them to easily manage their finances regardless of the chosen management channel or location. There are 14 currencies in which the card can be issued, giving merchants the freedom to have access to their funds anytime, anywhere.

One is not enough? That’s not a problem as you can order as many additional debit cards as you need against a small fee.

4. Online acceptance tools at no extra cost

Apart from taking payments in-store, the 21st century gives businesses so many additional opportunities to make money online. myPOS enables merchants to increase their profits thanks to a range of easy-to-work-with online payment tools.

Our all-in-one payment solution ensures that businesses can receive payments securely online thanks to functionalities such as MO/TO Virtual Terminal, PayButton, PayLink, Payment Request, and Payment Gateway. Location is no longer a barrier to making money! Enjoy receiving payments online by using these services without any setup or additional monthly fees.

5. A broad portfolio of devices for every business’ needs

For any business, small, medium or large, having access to a payment device that has been tuned to satisfy the needs of the specific industry is priceless! myPOS’ rich portfolio of payment devices was developed to offer a solution for every necessity.

Our ready-to-use, stand-alone devices range from 29 to 349 EUR and accept all popular cards schemes and mobile wallets. Not to mention that the terminals are enabled with cross-border internet connectivity and amazing functionalities such as Tipping, Multi-operator, MO/TO, Mobile Top-up, and more. It feels wonderful to say that on our sixth anniversary our portfolio has grown to a total of six modern, portable POS terminal devices that allow you to accept payments in-store and on-the-go! And we’re actually planning our next big move into broadening our portfolio this March, so stay tuned!

6. The physical stores

To make this seamless payment solution even more accessible for businesses, myPOS found another point of differentiation from all other payment providers on the market by opening a series of flagship stores across Europe.

Most consumers prefer to get hands-on experience before making a purchase of other types of technology such as a TV or laptop. So why should the buying process of a POS terminal be any different? Merchants can currently visit a physical myPOS store in seven major European countries, including London, Amsterdam, Sofia, Milan, Barcelona, Antwerp, and Paris.

To an even brighter future

Celebrating six years of challenges and success stories only makes us more eager to see what the future has in store. The myPOS solution continues evolving thanks to the support of our partners, the unquestionable dedication of our teams around the world and mostly thanks to the trust and valuable feedback of our clients! Thank you for being with us! Happy Birthday, myPOS!

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