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99% Local: How myPOS helps local merchants grow

Some people need a lot of space to operate in, such as big offices in big buildings. However, for Philippe Cheret, owner of La cave du mac, this is not the case. Comfortable in his 15m2 workspace, Cheret is a self-employed myPOS merchant in France who specialises in the repair and sale of primarily Apple computers and peripheral equipment in his community. 

With an ecological vision of repairing rather than purchasing new, 99% of Cheret’s customers are local and they rely on him to ensure that their technology functions optimally.

But being local doesn’t mean being out of touch with technology, especially when it comes to payments acceptance. This is why Cheret has chosen myPOS as his partner in payments. 

He said that “because the funds are available immediately, in my case, it allows me to buy spare parts even before the customer leaves the shop.” He has several days of waiting in his work, and being a myPOS client has changed his life.

So, what payment solution does Cheret rely on? He has chosen the Payment Request functionality, which he says is used often, to ensure his customers do not need to travel back and forth several times. This is why he orders parts remotely and is one of the reasons the Payment Request functionality is so useful.

What is a Payment Request? The myPOS Payment Request is a unique link that’s generated by a merchant for one-off usage. It can be generated through a myPOS card terminal or from the merchant’s myPOS account. When the link is sent to a customer via email, SMS or chat app, it takes them to a secure webpage where they can make the payments right away. This means that myPOS merchants can offer and accept online payments even if they do not have a website.

This, coupled with myPOS’ instant settlement of funds, enables merchants like Cheret to enjoy seamless, safe and secure payments acceptance and helps his business grow. 

The myPOS solution also enables merchants to access their received funds immediately in their free multi-currency merchant account and access this with a free Visa business card.

Isn’t it time you tried the Payment Request functionality for your business?

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