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Addict-ed to Cashless Payments – How myPOS Helped a Small Beauty Studio Grow

About Addict

Beauty Studio “Addict” is a beauty salon located in Varna, Bulgaria. It has been offering hairdressing and cosmetic services for over ten years. Since its opening it has serviced hundreds of clients, and its Facebook page currently has over 2000 likes.

Paying for Beauty Services in the Modern Age

While once a commodity only reserved for Westerners and frequent travelers, in the last decade bank cards have become extremely common not just in the US and Western Europe, but also in smaller countries, such as the Eastern European Bulgaria. Nowadays, almost everyone has a bank card, to the point where more than 60% of all store payments are done without any cash at all.

Big businesses have no issue obtaining POS terminals from banks – after all, they have no issue covering the minimum income requirements or monthly fees that banks have as a condition to providing terminals. But what can a relatively small beauty salon do when half of its customers suddenly wish to pay with their bank cards?

“Addict” in particular also sometimes handles business appointments instead of just salon visits, for example doing hair and make-up gigs for events on location. Even if the business was to get a terminal, chances are that it wouldn’t be a portable one, since those tend to be prohibitively expensive when issued by Bulgarian banks.

myPOS – The Solution to Better Customer Service

Svetlana Petrova, the manager of “Addict”, needed to do some research into available payment solutions in order to choose the best option for her and her business. Ultimately, she settled on myPOS, finding their lack of monthly or annual fees to be a very lucrative offer.

Svetlana’s risk paid off in a big way, as the myPOS Mini terminal she chose to purchase was a life changer for the beauty studio! Not a single client wishing to pay with a bank card was ever turned away, and clients were also able to pay with their smartphones or even with Gift Cards custom-made specifically for “Addict”!

On top of that, the Mini is completely portable, allowing Svetlana and her employees to bring it to private appointments. This provided them with an extremely convenient method of accepting payments outside the studio, where exact change isn’t always readily available.

Last, but not least, a service that quickly became a favorite for ‘’Addict’’ was the mobile app. Its interface is quick and intuitive, and since every transfer takes only a few seconds to process, the list of transactions, as well as the amounts in each myPOS account, can be tracked in real time.

“I’d recommend myPOS to all my co-workers in the industry, and not just them,” Svetlana Petrova said. “[The myPOS Mini] is extremely convenient, functional and I wouldn’t replace it for anything in the world!”

If you also have a business that could benefit from portable, multi-functional POS terminals, by all means contact us at and we’d be happy to assist!

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