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What is an adventurous Merchant Risk Assessment Analyst?

Apart from being a fintech company providing innovative solutions to more than 150,000 businesses across Europe, myPOS is an employer to more than 340 people. All of them were recently invited to participate in a new employer-branding campaign – entirely based on the opinions of employees. Through whimsical notes, they answered the question What is myPOS for you, and today you get to meet one of them.

Yana Sabeva: “Curiosity is an integral part of life”

Yana is a risk analyst at myPOS. She is also a traveller, biker and a fan of rock music and fantasy books. She enjoys team work and the opportunity to resolve interesting business challenges.

“The biggest misconception about my profession is that we are all-knowing,” Yana explained. Her job is to assess the company’s customers, and the risk that their business and behaviour bring. It’s a big responsibility because myPOS is a financial institution, which means that every new client has to undergo an exhaustive check. It sounds serious, but the job entails a lot of fun moments, both colleague- and client-related, Yana said.

Her favourite part is encountering unique business problems. According to Yana, the work is interesting because it involves new or little-known business models and regulations in different countries. She decided to join myPOS in 2019, driven by the desire to work for a company, which develops modern financial technologies and supports the growth of small businesses.

For Yana, success is the satisfaction you get from everything you do. “You can’t call it success if you don’t enjoy what you do” she said.

Here is what else Yana shared.

You wrote that for you myPOS is “curiosity” – what are you most curious to learn?

Curiosity is an integral part of my life and the work process at myPOS. Curiosity drives us to learn new things and develop in new, sometimes unexpected directions. I’m curious about a lot of things. But because I love to travel, I always want to know more about the different countries in the world – how people live, their culture, history and traditions.

How do you think your loved ones would describe you?

Calm, responsive, hovering in the clouds and, at times, avanturistic.

Cat or dog?


The sea or mountains?

The sea – living in Varna, I accept the sea as an integral part of my life and I can never imagine being away from it.

Favourite drink?


From where do you get inspiration?

Mostly from books, which for me are the best source of inspiration.

If you had the chance to have a beer with anyone on the planet – whom would you choose?

Brandon Sanderson, he’s is my favourite book author right now.

Imagine that you have to participate in The Voice of Bulgaria – which song would you choose?

Joan Jett – I Hate Myself for Loving You.

Favourite dessert?

Ice cream.

How do you prefer to spend your time outside of work?

On walks, cycling and with friends.

What always makes you smile?

Small moments with family and friends, as well as new and interesting experiences.

What do you think makes myPOS a preferred employer?

Opportunities for professional growth in the field of finance, working with a team of professionals, as well as the chance to get acquainted with the latest innovations and technologies on the market.

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