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Can an Amazon bestseller get better? It can with myPOS Online

When Carlton Leach speaks, people really listen. And when Carlton Leach publishes a book, it needs to be read. 

CARLTON – The Final Say came out recently and became an Amazon bestseller overnight. It’s a book of unique depth that takes readers on a journey through Carlton’s story – from getting a 1960s and 70s grammar school education to decades of partying in Ibiza, the immense pain of watching his father fade, life as an expat in Spain and so much more! Few books have the ability to make readers want to cry in one chapter and laugh in the next, but CARLTON – The Final Say does it.

But who is Carlton Leach you ask? Once a notorious underworld figure, he turned his back to a life of violence. Today, the 62-year-old Carlton is the subject of various movies. When his autobiography, Muscle, came out in 2003, it was made into the film Rise of the Footsoldier. Since then, Carlton has been approached by several writers, but the timing was never right for another book. Until now.

The best part? The book features interesting contributions from those closest to him. And now you can get even closer to Carlton Leach thanks to a new partnership with myPOS. It’s only through his online shop, created via myPOS Online, that readers have the chance to receive a signed and personalised message with their copy of the book. 

How did Carlton choose myPOS Online? The author and his business partner Miss Samantha Whiteside quickly recognised the benefits our platform has to offer. “The work is almost all done for us! Customers get a simple and secure way to purchase the product and all we have to do is post it,” Miss Whiteside explained. 

While the partnership between Leach and myPOS is still young, “we plan to continue as customers for a very long time to come, as it’s working so well for us!” Miss Whiteside added.

So, what have been some of the reasons for signing up for a myPOS Online shop? Miss Whiteside said that although they were initially planning on creating a store on their own website, something which they have done before, other payment gateways have proved to be “buggy” and difficult for shoppers to navigate. 

“Upon learning that we can link from our site to our own, branded myPOS store, the decision was made quickly by us to sign up,” she mentioned. The simple online store builder meant that they were left with much more time to focus on creating and promoting the book, rather than building and testing a store, which they would have to maintain themselves. 

According to Miss Whiteside, the level of sales seen has proven that customers are not put off by leaving the site to complete a purchase via a secure myPOS store and they haven’t received any complaints or support requests regarding the myPOS online shop. 

“In our experience, myPOS has all of the solutions you need to accept payments from your customers, most of which we are already utilising,” Miss Whiteside explained. “We can send invoices to our B2B clients, which can be settled into our myPOS collection account or paid via card, we have the myPOS Online store doing very well for us and we will soon be using a card machine once we start taking in-person payments at book signings later this year.”

Whilst the majority of the book’s customers are UK based, sales have been made throughout Europe and as far as the USA and Australia. Talks are currently in place about launching the book in Italian, as Carlton has a fan base there, too.

So, where did it all start? Miss Whiteside mentioned that on a recent trip to Bulgaria, she noticed many shops and taxis using myPOS to process payments. She then decided to look it up and realised that the range of services could benefit their project. It’s been smooth sailing since then!

If you don’t yet have a copy of CARLTON – The Final Say, hurry and order yours through! Readers describe this gem as “an absolute must-have,” a “fantastic read” and as “being invited into Carlton’s home to have a listen to what Carlton and his friends and family have to say over a few beers”. Although the book relates to anyone, it is best suited for readers 16 and up. 

CARLTON – The Final Say also makes for an amazing gift, and don’t forget – by purchasing it online, you can get a signed copy and a short, personal message from Carlton Leach himself!

Some have considered him a hooligan, others a hero. Find out for yourself!

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