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Antwerp Says “Hello” To First myPOS Store in Belgium

Famous for its chocolate, narrow streets, excellent restaurants and prominent landmarks, now there is one more reason to go to Belgium and this is the new myPOS store in Antwerp!

Located close to the renowned Rubens House and the Cathedral of Our Lady, our new store is the first of this kind in the Land of Chocolate. Just like all other myPOS locations across Europe, it will serve local small and medium businesses, taking them to a new level with our advanced and convenient payment solutions.

Why Antwerp, though, and not Brussels – one of Europe’s most famous cities and the capital of none other but the European Union?

Irfan Rasmally, myPOS Executive Director comments this decision:

“Antwerp confirms its position as the epicentre of business and investment in Flanders. It is therefore logical for myPOS to be operational in this exciting city, where, historically, we have had customers since 2015.”

myPOS is also an excellent match for Belgium’s payment market – a place where local payment methods and services have long won the hearts of this country’s citizens. One such service is Bancontact Payconiq, which enables customers to use their smartphone to pay in stores or on web sites in a blink of an eye.

Christo Georgiev, founder of myPOS elaborates further on this matter:

“We are very pleased to be offering Belgian SMEs and independent professionals a reliable, modern and flexible alternative to the existing business payment solutions. ‘’ – says Christo Georgiev, founder of myPOS – ‘’With it, they can accept not only all popular credit and debit cards, but also Belgium’s favourite payment method – Bancontact Payconiq – at special rates.”

With the opening of its latest store in Antwerp, Belgium, myPOS further strengthens its unique position of being the only provider of payment services on the Old Continent, which creates physical locations and establishes business hubs for local small and medium businesses. This approach eases these companies in their migration to newer, enhanced financial services such as payment card acceptance at better service rates.

The store in Antwerp is the latest link in the myPOS chain of stores, which started in 2018 in London, the UK. Apart from these two places, myPOS also has shops in Amsterdam, Milan, Sofia and Barcelona with more locations to follow soon.

So, if you are a business based in Belgium or you are just visiting Antwerp, stop by our new myPOS store on Drukkerijstraat 16. You will not only find new friends but maybe also the payment solution your business needs.

See you in Antwerp!

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