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Automated hotel check-ins made possible by myPOS and Sezam24

We have seen a graduate growth in contactless payments in recent years, a phenomenon that became even more prominent following the pandemic. To help the hospitality industry digitalise its payment systems and recover from the Covid-19 impact faster, myPOS teamed up with Sezam24 to make self-service check-ins and cashless payments possible.

The kiosk solutions of Sezam24 offer guests of hotels, hostels and apart-hotels the opportunity to check in, pay and pick up their room key – all that at one self-service machine and in the blink of an eye. Now, equipped with myPOS Mini, the unattended payment devices will help improve the check-in experience of customers, saving them both time and hassle.

Sezam24, innovative self-service solutions for seamless check-ins

Relying on smart, high-tech solutions, Sezam24 is a guest management platform that helps accommodation businesses meet the current challenges in their industry. The company offers several self-service check-in machines, made to suit the needs of different establishments.

The whole process of checking in with Sezam24 ensures convenience, security and no waiting in queues for the guests. By booking their accommodation ahead of their arrival, customers will only need the confirmation number of their reservation, a payment card and their ID card to self-check in once at the hotel.

What makes the check-in process even easier is the myPOS Mini card reader integrated into the kiosk. The POS terminal allows customers to choose their preferred payment method – contactless, magstripe or Chip&Pin. From payment cards to smartphones and wearable devices, with myPOS Mini, all payment methods are accepted. And that’s it! Once the customer pays at the Sezam24 kiosk, they will receive their key directly from the device.

A partnership that will bring numerous benefits to the hospitality industry

The tourism industry, along with accommodation businesses, suffered more than any other during the pandemic. However, our partnership with Sezam24 is intended to facilitate hotel stays. Through digitalisation, we aim to simplify check-ins and thus, give peace of mind to both business owners and customers that everything will be handled in a fast and secure manner.

Having the option to pay contactless at a self-service device is not only seen as a healthier payment method, in the context of the pandemic, but also makes the whole check-in process way faster and easier, meaning no queues at the reception. Upon arrival, guests will be able to check in and pay right away.

Furthermore, this will facilitate situations when customers arrive at late hours and someone has to wait for them at the reception desk. With Sezam24’s automated front-desk assistant stations, no matter at what time of the day or night guests will have to arrive, they can rest assured that they will be able to receive their room key straight away.

Finally, it’s important to mention that integrating a Sezam24 kiosk is a pretty straightforward process and can bring about many financial benefits to one’s business. The kiosk machines don’t require prior investment. Additionally, once the customer pays at the POS terminal, the money arrives in the merchant’s account within seconds. And by offering convenience to the customers, business owners can easily promote customer satisfaction, thus increasing their revenue and even encouraging recurring activity.

In line with the core goal of myPOS – to support merchants and offer SMEs equal opportunities for growth, our integration with Sezam24 is another step to diversify payment options and offer digitalisation solutions. After all, being flexible and adaptable are essential qualities for SMEs in today’s fast-changing business environment.

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