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Campaign Terms & Conditions “myPOS Online Referral”

Take part in the Campaign for promoting myPOS Online Checkout and myPOS Shopping Cart plugins for accepting payments on merchants’ websites (collectively referred to as “myPOS Online Solutions”) to online merchants by sourcing them as clients and referring them to use myPOS Online Solutions. myPOS Links, myPOS Buttons and Payment Requests are excluded.


1. The Campaign aims to stimulate our business introducers (also referred as “Promoters”) by incentivizing them to promote myPOS Online Solutions to potential clients as well as to existing clients who are using myPOS Service only for accepting card-present payment solutions and help us increase the use of myPOS Service by online merchants.


2. The present Campaign is organized by MYPOS PARTNERS LTD, with seat and address: Dunne & Waterman, Hamilton House 1, Temple Ave., London EC4Y 0HA incorporated in the Company House of England and Wales with No 10908404 as part of the Intermediation Services provided by you in your capacity of Promoter with validly concluded Agreement for Intermediation Services of myPOS Service.

The Campaign is a temporary promotional activity organized by myPOS in which you may participate in accordance with the present Campaign Terms and Conditions.


3. The Campaign is open to every eligible Promoter of myPOS Services who has concluded a valid Agreement for Intermediation Services of myPOS Service.

Participation. Confirmation

4. If you wish to take part in the Campaign you need to confirm this to us by sending an email from your registered email for the intermediation services to

5. By sending us a written confirmation for participation in the Campaign from your registered email for the intermediation services we shall deem that you have accepted the present Terms and Conditions.


6. The Campaign shall be valid from the 9th of November and will continue until 00:00 (UTC + 02:00) on the 31th of December 2020 after which date the Campaigns expires.

We may unilaterally prolong the duration of the Campaign for which you will receive a notice to your registered email for the intermediation services.

Referred Clients

7. If you confirm your participation and accept Campaign Terms and Conditions you undertake to source potential online merchants to register and actively use myPOS Online Solutions for which you shall receive commission in accordance with these terms.

8. When you perform your intermediation services for promoting and referring Clients for myPOS Online Solutions (“Referred Client”) you must communicate to them your unique code/link generated as a Promoter which will be indicated in your online account in DAS. We shall account the Referred Client as a client sourced by you only if the client has been enrolled by you as a promoter and associated to you in the DAS.

9. You may also review the number of Referred Clients and their activity in your account in DAS. You accept that the information in DAS indicates the relevant and valid evidence for the achieved number of sourced merchants and their volumes.


10. You shall receive a one-time fixed commission for each Referred Client that reaches a volume of EUR 100 (one hundred euros) of accepted online payments via any of the myPOS Online Solutions (“Processing Volume”).

11. The commission is calculated in the following manner:

  • EUR 50.00 (fifty euros) per Referred Client, each of whom achieved the Processing Volume;
  • EUR 100.00 (one hundred euros) per Referred Client if for the Reporting Period (specified below) you have more than 10 Referred Clients, each of whom achieved the Processing Volume.

12. The commission shall be due when the Referred Client reaches the Processing Volume. We shall pay the due commission on the 20th of each month following the month in which the Referred Client has reached the Processing Volume. For avoidance of doubt, if the Referred Client does not succeed to reach the Processing Volume within the Prescribed Term no commission shall be due by us.

13. By the 20th of each month, we shall provide you with information through the DAS system or through a report detailing the number of Referred Clients as well as their myPOS Online Processing Volume recorded for each 30 (thirty) days of the Campaign (“Reporting Period”).

14. You accept that the data and reports generated in the DAS system shall be the relevant, true and valid reference information evidencing the number of Referred Client and their Processing Volumes. 

15. We shall have no obligation to pay incentives related to this Campaign for Clients that are referred for myPOS Online Solutions after the expiry of the Campaign’s Duration.


16. We shall pay you the due commission as per the stipulations of the General Terms and Condition for Intermediation Services of myPOS Service.

General terms

17. The present Campaign Terms and Conditions shall be considered as inseparable part of the General Terms and Conditions for Intermediation Services. The present Terms and Conditions shall be valid and in force only for the Duration of the Campaign after which period your Campaign rights and obligations shall become void.

18. In case of discrepancy between the present Campaign Terms and Conditions and the General Terms and Condition for Intermediation Services of myPOS Service the latter shall take precedence.

19. We reserve our right to unilaterally change the terms and conditions. Any change shall have immediate effect after it is published on the official channels described above.

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