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myPOS featured in a card payments booklet launched by Bancontact

The benefits of electronic payments and mobile payment terminals have caught the attention of the Belgian government.

The Vice Premier and Minister for Security and Home Affairs of Belgium supported an initiative led by Bancontact for launching a booklet with insights into the benefits of card payments and the tax incentives for the business.

We are delighted to announce that myPOS has been included in the booklet, which once again emphasizes our role in enabling small and medium-sized businesses in Belgium to adopt smart payments and find new ways to grow.

With the new tax allowance available for businesses that invest in a payment terminal, the Government aims to support SMEs and boost electronic payments. Jan Jambon, Vice Premier and Minister for Security and Home Affairs says:

The Government and the private sector need one another when it comes to investing in a security ecosystem that is becoming increasingly digital. I hope that the new government rules, on one hand, and the initiative of Bancontact on the other will contribute to achieving greater security, while at the same time pushing down costs for SMEs and the self-employed who are planning to invest in electronic payments.

In the booklet, anyone can find information about the additional tax incentives that the businesses can claim if they purchase a payment terminal. Also, the booklet features myPOS as one of the leading FinTech companies working towards changing the payment landscape in the country.

In this regard, we are incredibly happy that in partnership with Bancontact, we’ve empowered thousands of businesses in Belgium to reap the benefits of card payments and appeal to consumers.

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