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The yummy story of Takinoa food place in Lausanne, Switzerland

Inspired by the vision of affordable high-end payment solutions, myPOS has been empowering small and medium businesses for growth since 2014. By providing a comprehensive solution for instore and online cashless payments at unrivalled efficiency, it has become part of the success of more than 55,000 businesses across Europe. 55,000 unique stories, more than 15 000 000 euro saved annually to our clients from subscription and other fees. myPOS has the pleasure of presenting one of them to you – the yummy story of Takinoa food place.

‘’When we opened our first Takinoa food bar in 2014 in Lausanne, Switzerland, we wanted to serve tasty, organic, and healthy food we love. Working with passion and dedication, in less than three years, we now run a total of 6 shops and employ more than 50 bright people. Growing in Switzerland, however, isn’t as easy as one might expect.

Cashless payments here are very common, however local financial services are expensive and can even appear exclusive in the eye of a starting or financially stretched company. It all changed for us when a partner brought myPOS to our attention. Backed by the authority of Mastercard, it promised by far the most flexible and convenient terms. No long-term contracts or monthly fees, we were enticed to test it out.

What really surprised us was that myPOS delivered more than expected. Card reader machines are lightning-fast and very functional, as with them we have our custom-designed receipts and we can even keep record of each employee’s sales. What is invaluable for our business, however, is the instant settlement of every payment. Having our revenue instantly at disposal, we have the freedom to use it in a more efficient and timely manner. myPOS gives us the strategic advantage, that has been helping us grow from day one.’’

If you are looking for a way to expand available payment methods and offer services and products to more clients, myPOS is the answer! Increase your sales, make your clients happy, and run your business successfully and effortlessly.

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