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A centuries-old bakery and pastry shop in the heart of Dello – introducing Dordoni!

If you’re planning a trip to northern Italy, you’ll find the city of Brescia at the foot of the Alps, a few kilometres from the lakes Garda and Iseo.

Famous for being home of the Italian caviar, the Franciacorta sparkling wine and some beautiful medieval architectures, such as the San Salvatore monastery and the Santa Guilia Museum, Brescia is the biggest province in Lombardy and the fifth in Italy.

However, as you get deeper into Brescia, you’ll find the lovely, quaint town of Dello – a commune in the province of Brescia. Featured in TripAdvisor as an “essential” place to eat in Dello is Dordoni.

With its rich history all while offering a pleasant oasis of relaxation, this is a bakery, pastry shop and cafe you don’t want to miss out on!

The Dordoni story

The ultimate gourmet destination in Dello, Maison Dordoni welcomes its customers in a delicate and elegant setting that smells of freshly baked cakes.

Founded in 1840 by Agostino Dordoni, who is originally from Casalbuttano, Agostino opened Maison Dordoni. In 1859, during the War of Independence, a large number of French and Austrian troops crossed the country to reach San Martinno and Solferino.

Being a great patriot, Agostino refused to supply food to the Austrians, while he increased production and opened the doors of his restaurant to the French troops from across the Alps. He was rewarded for this gesture with silver napoleons, which he used to purchase an entire palace.

His son, Agostino, subsequently carried on with the business, who introduced new technologies in the laboratory. Being frequented by many illustrious men, including Toscanini, the place soon acquired the name “Bakery Musicale Dordoni”. During those years, in addition to the production of bread, biscuits, pastries and shortbread cakes, there was also the Torta Paradiso, whose recipe is still used today. 

Agostino was succeeded by his son, Giovanni, who expanded the shop, giving the pastry and team room more space. Giovanni was responsible for the invention of small boat pizzas in bread dough. In 1994, Giovanni’s five children – Mariateresa, Laura, Agostino, Matteo and Giuseppe – took over the business, continuing a centuries-old history with the preservation of ancient recipes.

Today, Dordoni gives everyone, even those who are far away, the opportunity to taste their products through their physical and online stores. These range from bakery and pastry products to foodstuffs, products for the home and promotional products.

An old tradition with new generation payments

As a successful merchant, Dordoni needed a suitable payment solution and partner for both in-store purchases as well as sales through its online store. This is where myPOS came in. Dordoni has been using myPOS since August 2017, with four card readers and an online store.

When asked how myPOS helps Dordoni with their payment challenges, they describe it as “an excellent tool for electronic payments” and also for online payments. The most used and loved feature of the myPOS offering for Dordoni is the in-store card payments with a card machine. And for good reason, too!

With a wide range of classical and smart payment devices, merchants like Dordoni will never miss out on a cashless clientele again. With the rise in contactless payments, this is the ideal payment solution for merchants such as bakeries and pastry shops.

What’s more is the instant settlement of funds! As a myPOS merchant, you get access to all your received funds instantly. This enables businesses to manage cash flows better and improve their margins.

Taking it a step further, the myPOS offering also includes a free business card and a free IBAN with which to manage all funds received. As for the online offering, with special shopping cart integrations and plug-ins, e-commerce just got easier!

Pop in at Dordoni for a tasty treat!

With its rich 170-year old history, Dordoni is your ultimate destination for all freshly baked goods and pastries. Be prepared to immerse yourself in a wonderful culinary world, where age-old recipes are still created with tender love and care.

Rounding off the partnership beautifully with myPOS, you’ll also be able to make payments in the way that’s most convenient for you. Whether you purchase from the online store or the physical Dordoni store located at Via Roma 62/66, Dello, you’re in for a tasty treat!

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