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myPOS is setting a chain of ‘’experience centres’’ around Europe

In just four years, we have grown from a POS device solution to an ecosystem of in-store, online and mobile payment tools, coupled with a bunch of value-added merchant services.

We’ve also reached 24 markets across the European territory and helped more than 40,000 enterprises find their way to accepting card payments safely and efficiently.

Recently, myPOS founder Christo Georgiev launched the first physical store in Knightsbridge, London and another myPOS Store in Sofia, Bulgaria is ready to be introduced to the world. The next locations, lined up for this year, are Amsterdam, Milan and Paris. Watch our space for more details on that!

With a network of partners in almost every European country and an online store, Christo Georgiev’s plan to set a footprint of physical locations might seem a bit surprising.

The rationale behind this is simple.

Firstly, we would like to get closer to our customers and offer a local, personalized experience and professional advice – from purchasing a payment device to help with the on-boarding process or service activation.

Secondly, we want to apply the omnichannel approach not just to accepting payments, but also to the way we communicate with our clients and the contact channels we open up to them, so we can better connect with each other.

So, the myPOS experience centres will be a place to see in person the range of credit card machines, get the best advice on what payment services are suitable for your business and connect with other business owners and like-minded people. Workshops and business events are also in the upcoming plans.

More details on the myPOS locations can be found here.

We look forward to seeing you at myPOS.

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