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Dentaprime F3T London and myPOS help people smile with confidence

Research indicates that a smile is a very first thing 47% of people notice when they first meet someone. But smiling isn’t just for aesthetic purposes only. It has significant health benefits including lowering your heart rate, releasing hormones that boost your mood, extending your lifespan, and giving you younger looks. However, when your teeth aren’t in their best condition, you’re unlikely to smile as often, you fear judgment, lack self-confidence, feel discomfort and impairment during eating, face reduced social acceptance, and above all, experience a loss of quality of life. This is where Dentaprime F3T steps in.

Dental services that will give you your smile back

Dentaprime F3T is a London-based dental clinic that specialises in implants, dental aesthetics, ceramic inlays and onlays and other dental services. Having served over 20 000 patients to date, it provides first-class dental implant solutions at an incredibly low cost. Their mission? To make it possible for everyone to have beautiful, healthy teeth regardless of their income.

One of this dental clinic’s main solutions for a healthy smile is called the “fixed teeth in a day”. Patients who are either partially or wholly toothless are given a full set of teeth that look and feel real – all this within a day! Impressively, they served over 1 000 patients in 2019 alone.

What makes Dentaprime F3T stand out from the rest?

At Dentaprime F3T, patients can get their confidence back within a day. This is done through implants with immediate function. Patients will be able to keep their teeth in their mouth and not in a glass, as there are no wobbly dentures to deal with. Moreover, they can enjoy up to 70% savings on their dental treatment compared to private dentists. And the best part is that all this is done in London, without the need to travel abroad for cheaper dental alternatives.

The affordability of services offered by Dentaprime F3T is unique! In fact, their prices are at least 15% lower compared to 173 price offers for the same treatment in Hungary. How are they able to offer this cost-effective service? The answer is surprisingly simple and includes four elements. Firstly, they implement a highly-specialised and efficient workflow in the field of tooth replacement. Then, they take advantage of the newest digital technologies with their own high-tech dental lab. Next, they achieve economies of scale through bulk discounts for top quality German and Swiss materials. And lastly, by fostering a high degree of mutual trust between them and their thousands of patients.

With an increasing number of people realising that a full mouth implant restoration is now affordable, Dentaprime F3T is seeing positive trends in their services for creating healthy smiles. And they’re also adjusting to the trend of serving an increasingly cashless clientele. All this with myPOS!

The smiling partnership between Dentaprime F3T and myPOS

Dentaprime F3T’s most actively used myPOS products and services over the past two years are two Smart card payment machines, several debit cards, PayLinks, Payment Requests, and daily online banking. They enjoy easy and contemporary ways of receivables collection through PayLinks and Payment Requests, fast processing of outgoing bank transactions at competitive prices.

PayLinks are links with pre-defined amounts, sent to clients to make a payment via email, SMS or social media. Merchants don’t need to have an online shop or even a webpage to accept payments online! Simply generate a payment link with a description, currency and expiry date when sending an offer or invoice to customers.

On the other hand, Payment Request is a more advanced and personalised way of sending a one-time payment link to a client to their telephone or email address and can be generated from the merchant’s account, payment device or mobile app. It comes with detailed reporting on the sent payment requests with insights such as whether the customer has viewed the request and how often a payment attempt has been made. These are just some of the ways that myPOS’ value added services make a difference to businesses like Dentaprime F3T!

Currently, the dental clinic takes advantage of Smart, high-tech intelligent and elegant POS terminals with the best market prices per card transactions. A further benefit of this is the absence of monthly, annual or sign-up fees when opening an account with myPOS, where businesses are also equipped with a free business card, a free online account and a free Data Card for internet connectivity across Europe.

Dentaprime F3T also enjoys on-time and 24-hour control of all incoming cash via the myPOS app and free online account. The myPOS mobile app helps them manage payments seamlessly and with ease as they’re able to monitor and track all incoming payments at the tap of a button.

And last but not least, they make use of the 24/7 call centre where highly competent staff members are able to answer all their questions.

myPOS professional services payments

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With this affordable solution, Dentaprime F3T says “myPOS made our cash flow management and daily business definitely easier than it was two years ago!”

Welcome the future with a smile!

With myPOS, Dentaprime F3T patients now have the added convenience of not only getting their smiles back, but being able to pay for this affordable service in the most seamless way. Whether a PayLink, a Payment Request, or a debit or credit card payment, the myPOS payment solutions and value-added services offer limitless functionalities and options at some of the most competitive prices on the continent!

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