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Deploying payment technology for a good cause

The first thing that comes to mind when one hears payment technology is a system in favour of selling goods and services.

Let us tell you a story about how a payment solution can be utilised towards helping children in need. Children are not only our future, they are the harbingers of all the good that’s to come.

That’s why taking care of them is so important. And SOS Children’s Villages in Lithuania does just that. A home for children who need educational and therapeutic care, specialists, teachers, appropriate leisure and medical care, SOS Children’s Villages in Lithuania takes care of all their children’s needs. But they need funding in order to do this.

A generous partnership

This is why the partnership between Maxima retail stores, General Financing Bankas and myPOS is such a wonderful investment in these children’s future.

What does the partnership between Maxima, General Financing Bankas and myPOS offer?

It’s easy! With 100 myPOS Mini devices across a wide range of Maxima retail stores, consumers can now make 1 EUR donations to SOS Children’s Villages in Lithuania via select donation points financed by General Financing Bank and powered by myPOS.

This contactless way of accepting donations is in line with the trend of an increasingly cashless clientele that Lithuania, and Europe, is faced with, as well as the fact that people want to express their generosity, but don’t always carry the cash around to do so.

More about the myPOS Mini device

Portable and compact, the myPOS Mini device can be used as an on-the-go payment terminal or as part of an unattended payment solution.

It is eco-friendly as it only issues digital receipts, which can be sent via SMS or email. Catering to a cashless clientele, it accepts all types of card payments, making for easy donations to SOS Children’s Villages in Lithuania and other payments across the board.

With its constant wireless connection in the form of a free DATA SIM card or Wi-Fi, this makes it a reliable card reader for payment acceptance.

To unlock your business’ potential with the full myPOS package, take advantage of all the perks that come with purchasing a myPOS device.

These include:

  • Instant settlement of funds
  • Free online merchant account
  • A dedicated IBAN
  • A myPOS mobile app for Android and iOS
  • Free Standard business card
  • No monthly service fees or set up charges
  • And so much more!

Donations for a brighter future

With a 30-year history in Lithuania, SOS Children’s Villages is certainly doing good deeds for the children that it looks after. As the culture of generosity is increasing in the country, this provides more space for SOS Children’s Villages in Lithuania to help even more children.

That’s why, with the help of myPOS, Maxima retail stores and General Financing Bankas yields the most fruitful partnership by collecting donations and making the lives of these children even better.

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