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myPOS teams up with Samsung to steer further digitalization of Austria’s Railways

European award-winning fintech myPOS has partnered with Samsung to introduce myPOS Glass on the Nightjet, the Railjet and on frequented regional route trains of the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB). myPOS Glass is an innovative Soft POS that can turn any Android phone, which supports NFC technology, into a POS terminal without the need for additional hardware.

Through the solution, Samsung will equip ÖBB conductors with an Android device and thus let passengers buy tickets directly from staff on the train. Additionally, the myPOS Glass app will be used in the future with the rail catering services. As a result, passengers will be able to pay aboard conveniently by using cards and smart devices while the catering team won’t need to change POS terminals when crossing borders as myPOS Glass is a cross-border solution. Zoltan Gyenge, myPOS Managing Director for Austria, commented: “The Railjet is the most modern high-speed train in ÖBB’s fleet and we are thrilled to be aboard to help enhance the customer journey. We understand our partners’ goal to put passenger experience at the heart of both journey planning and payment acceptance, and we are confident that myPOS Glass will transform the trip for employees and customers alike.”

OBB conductors in Austria can accept card payments on smartphones

The new partnership is part of ÖBB’s initiative to give a Samsung X-Cover smartphone to its employees working and travelling across eight countries: Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, France, and Croatia. Thanks to myPOS Glass and Samsung, ÖBB will be able to offer tickets in the quickest, most cost-effective and convenient way possible, while also equipping employees with the tools they need to create an even higher level of customer service. However, the new system will deliver not only convenience but also safety as myPOS Glass accepts all kinds of contactless payments – thus helping overcome any COVID-related challenges. ÖBB riders can simply tap their contactless card, mobile device or wearable on the conductor’s phone, pay and move on with their journey.

“It’s clear that the long-term economic health of our cities depends on the ability to move around again and be flexible, and contactless payments are the way to get there,” Gyenge added.

myPOS will work with Austrian railways through Glass

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