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myPOS Offers Greek Merchants New Payment Tools While Complying With EU Regulations

Greece is making another move toward a more integrated payments market. As payment habits change and the number of POS devices grows, Greek merchants must keep up to speed with new technologies and regulations to stay competitive.

The good news is that the regulatory framework pertaining to digital transformation is unified throughout the EU via the Payment Services Directive (PSD). This makes it easy for Greek merchants to work with international fintech companies and foreign financial institutions and reap the benefits of modern technology.

Compared to traditional financial institutions, fintechs offer multiple advantages. For example, with myPOS you get instant settlement of funds, which means access to your money in seconds. You also get a free business account in 14 currencies, a free business card and multiple value-added tools to grow your business. Additionally, myPOS merchants are not required to sign any long-term contracts, nor are they charged monthly or annual fees.

As a European fintech leader, myPOS complies with new security rules such as the directive PSD2. It also complies with international regulations on digital payments, like the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

An example of a safe, secure and innovative payment method offered by myPOS is the myPOS Glass app, which allows merchants to accept card and contactless payments directly on their smartphones. myPOS Glass is a software POS that can turn any Android smartphone supporting NFC into a POS terminal. It’s built on Tap-to-Phone technology and is perfect for anyone who works on the go as it removes the need to install hardware. The myPOS Glass app has been awarded various prizes such as Best Use of Mobile by FStech in the UK in March this year.

myPOS Glass is just one way in which Greek merchants can accommodate the growing demand for contactless payments. myPOS offers many additional tools, plus a powerful business platform that enables merchants to run and grow their businesses. In fact, with myPOS, entrepreneurs can do it all: serve consumers offline and online, start their online store for free, get traditional and smart POS terminals, sell across borders, and try out a slew of extra services at no additional charge.

The latest such service is Payment Tag – a way to accept online payments without a website. myPOS Payment Tag is a secure, customizable web page where customers can pay in seconds with their preferred payment method. Many other ways to accept online payments through ready-to-use myPOS tools exist and all of them are designed with the small business in mind.

Moreover, some of the myPOS features go beyond the expectations of a simple payment solution – like giving small businesses the chance to create customized GiftCards for clients or top up prepaid mobiles.

As you can see, myPOS provides a truly comprehensive solution under one roof and it can help Greek merchants upgrade their payment-acceptance methods. myPOS is a flexible and trusted partner to more than 150 000 European businesses and it can easily help business owners in Greece address not only the changing regulatory framework, but also the customers’ choice to pay without cash.

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