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How myPOS is helping SMBs adopt cashless payment methods

Leading-edge solutions with no hidden costs and monthly service fees

The modern payment technologies are changing the financial services industry, enabling companies like myPOS to develop next-generation payment solutions which provide more efficiency, convenience and better business data.

The myPOS solutions, for instance, are specifically tailored to the small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and designed to cope with the challenges they’re facing.

With myPOS, SMBs can accept card and mobile payments in-store or on the move at minimum cost. There aren’t any subscription or service fees to use the service. We charge only a small transaction fee helping SMBs cut the monthly expenses and operate more efficiently.

Straightforward and speedy onboarding process

Do you remember the long lines in the banks and the piles of documents? Of course, you do. We used to waste hours queuing for simple tasks like opening a bank account or getting a monthly statement.

Fortunately, those days are long gone. Thanks to solutions like myPOS everything is done completely online. Business owners don’t even need to leave the office to open an account or order a payment terminal.

Thanks to the video identification chat in myPOS, they can even verify their business details in just few minutes and take advantage of higher transaction limits and more payment and other services.

High-level of security and protection of the private information

For a long time, the security of card and mobile payments was a key source of concern for the business and the clients alike. But with the technical advancements on the rise, new and way more sophisticated security technologies are emerging in the payment landscape.

At myPOS, our clients’ safety is a top priority. Tokenization, two-factor authentication and fingerprint lock-in are just a small part of the security measures we implement to protect the clients’ personal details and privacy.

Future-proof payment services with cross-border nature

Having a client-centric business strategy in place is crucial for the small business. That’s why SMB’s should cater to the customers’ demands and offer payment methods that they know and prefer.

But what happens if SMBs expand beyond their national borders and need to appeal to customers from different points of the world?

They usually struggle to overcome the various payment processing challenges. We know this, so we strive to add local payment methods and encourage the international expansion of the SMBs by making it easy to accept payments in local currencies and get paid from any point of the world.

The latest example is our partnership with Bancontact which enabled all clients of myPOS to process online and in-store payments with the most popular payment method in Belgium.

These days, entire countries are embracing cashless payment methods. myPOS is not only a part of this transformation – we drive change for the small and medium business.

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