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Holiday markets: accepting card payments with ease

Europe, and the UK in particular, is popular for celebrating the festive season in style. One way of welcoming the winter is through the popular holiday markets that pop up in many small and large towns.

If you’re a merchant who is offering holiday-related products or services at Christmas markets, then this blog post is a must-read.

Welcoming the holiday season with holiday markets

The holiday season is upon us and with this spring up Christmas markets that offer food, beverages and holiday-related products, amongst many others.

From mulled wine to gingerbread cookies or Christmas tree decorations, jerseys, home décor paraphernalia and other gifts to welcome the festivities, Christmas markets have become a part of our culture.

Accepting payments seamlessly

Аs a merchant offering their holiday wares to a festive clientele, you need to be prepared because most customers these days pay in a cashless form.

There is also the category of impulsive buyers who you will want to cater to, as well.

They tend to make rash purchasing decisions and might get instantly inspired and want to grab what you’re offering.

So, you should be prepared to meet their needs and ensure you don’t miss these types of buyers as they’re an important part of the festive clientele.

Your business might be losing out if you’re not offering cashless payment solutions. While the transaction amounts at holiday markets can be relatively low, these payments do build up and you don’t want to miss out on those customers who can’t pay you in cash.

myPOS and holiday markets

With myPOS payment solutions, you get the full package that enables you to accept payments from customers who pay by card.

Simply choose your payment terminal and you will be able to access your payments within seconds.

The mobile payment devices are perfect for seasonal businesses. Once the season is over, you can simply store your device away until the following year, ready for use whenever you are.

Our advice: choose a payments partner who has your growth in mind.

Get ready to cater to all customers

As the holiday markets swing into full steam ahead, you’ll want to be ready to cater to all customers by offering them cashless payment solutions.

Choose your myPOS card reader today and start profiting from your cashless holiday clientele.

You’re less likely to lose out on sales and are more likely to make a bigger profit when you cater to card-paying customers.

In closing, we’d like to wish you all many successes with your holiday market business this season.

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